Survivor Second Chance: ‘What’s The Beef’ Recap & Rankings

Survivor Ghetto

“I’m not happy with 2nd place.” -Jeremy

We took it to the Survivor ghetto for this week’s awesome episode of Survivor Second Chance. The Angkor tribe had hit complete rock bottom last week and I thought there was no way in hell they were going to get out of it especially considering they had to start anew. And I was right. After taking a brief lead during the immunity challenge, they somehow collapsed under the pressure and not even Savage’s reward-winning victory could help motivate these clowns to victory.

Now let’s get to this weeks rankings! Enjoy, fellow castaways.

Four down, sweet sixteen to go! Check out our Castaway Wall to see who’s left, with Varner getting the big X this week!

Survivor: Second Chance - Who's Left

I loved that each tribe had to pick only one castaway to run the reward challenge. Savage, Jeremy and Terry had all the pressure on their shoulders and even though Jeremy lost, I don’t think anyone can blame the guy. I love that we have three tribes too and it made for some interesting drama with more to come. Let’s take a look at the rankings this week and see if anything has changed.

The Elite Eight

1. Jeremy

"You should climb a tree."

He’s still sitting pretty with the immunity idol around his neck and I loved his plan to keep Stephen close in case his name comes up for the vote. He’s definitely playing to win and I love his attitude. Second place shouldn’t be an option for anyone who plays Survivor and he’s hands down my favorite to win the game. Outwit, outplay and outlast…he’s been doing all of them so far.

2. Kelley

She might have been a little paranoid when Kass told her to get lost on the beach but I don’t think we can blame her. Kass did name herself the Chaotic one in her previous season after all. But because it’s her birthday and because she still holds that hidden immunity idol, I’ll leave her in the second slot for another week. The one other thing going for her: she’s not a physical threat like some of the other players which could ensure her safety all the way to the end.

3. Joe

Survivor MacGyver barely made an appearance this episode but the one thing he does is dominate immunity challenges. Joe is quite possibly the sole reason the new Ta Keo tribe hasn’t spent a day at tribal and if he keeps winning challenges like a boss, he might never have to worry.

4. Tasha

What's The Beef?

She’s hear to play and has been in complete control of the Angkor tribe up to this point. I’m not sure butting heads with Abi is a good idea, but I don’t even think that is an avoidable thing. Her and Savage should both be out of the game already, instead they are now running an alliance with Abi, leaving Woo on the outs. They have the numbers and the power since it is now completely up to Tash and Andrew whether they want to align with Woo or Abi. But let’s hope this tribe finally gets their shit together so we can see some of our other castaways go at it!

5. Savage

The guy is literally a savage and he proved it by winning the reward challenge. I can’t think of a tribe that needed that win more and it was like Savage single-handedly put the tribe on his shoulders and willed them to victory. Like all strong physical competitors, however, he might have it tough when everyone starts playing for themselves. Let’s see if he can make the right alliances and work his way up the ladder.

6. Kass

Go Shawty, It's Your Birthday

Kass applying self-help methods? What has the world come to? I loved that everyone thought she was making an idol when in fact she was making a birthday present for Kelley. Like Terry, she has completely embraced the social game and it will be interesting to see how far it gets her.

7. Monica

Girls Alliance?

Whoa, Monica! Where in the hell did you come from? After hiding in the background for the first three episodes, it seems as though she’s playing the game after all. By keeping Kelly and voting out Spencer, she has more than enough options if it comes to it and I kinda liked her idea about switching things up and potentially creating an all-girls alliance with Kimmi and Kelly. You go, girl!

8. Terry

Pick Me!

He was a disaster at the last immunity challenge but his tribe ended up pulling it out anyways. Lucky for him that the Angkor tribe is such a mess because I’m not sure he would have survived the vote if they had gone to tribal. Him and Kelley are at the bottom of their tribe, with Keith, Ciera, Kass and Joe controlling the vote so winning immunity is an absolute necessity for him. Unless him and Kelley get super sneaky and pull off the unthinkable with that hidden immunity. Always a possibility so let’s keep our eye on him.

On The Chopping Block

1. Abi

I Heart You

This is probably an opinion most of you won’t agree with but her style of play is growing on me. Not only that, it appears to be working. Sure, she confronted Tasha who was having a chat with Woo after tribal, but she wasn’t wrong. I don’t know why these people just can’t stay the course and I admire her loyalty to Varner. In the end though, she’s now in a terrible situation. Her best move would have been to align with Woo and Varner and vote out Tash but instead she’s leaving her fate to them. I have a feeling if they go back to tribal again, she could see herself at the bottom of a Woo-Tash-Savage alliance and she would only have herself to blame.

2. Spencer / Kelly

No arguing that these two shouldn’t be here. One of them is sure to go and I’m not sure which one yet, but as of now it looks like Spencer would be the first casualty for the Bayon tribe if Angkor can ever win an immunity challenge. And that’s a big if so I think he should be alright for the time being.

3. Woo

Watching Varner’s reaction during the immunity challenge was priceless. I swear those blocks did not look that heavy from the confines of my living room but after seeing the reactions from the castaways, you just know that shit must have hurt. In the end, Varner’s downfall was his inability to perform at these challenges which keeps Woo safe for another week. I much would have preferred to see Woo go, but I think this tribe is much stronger with him remaining in the game and this could end up being their saving grace if they can finally win an immunity challenge.

Final Thoughts

You Little Bitch

How in the bloody hell did Abi go from almost getting voted out the first three tribal councils to being the deciding vote this week? This is absolutely amazing to me and I have to give her some street cred because she isn’t exactly well-liked by her fellow castaways. To be honest, the smartest thing to do would have been for Varner, Woo and Abi to reunite and vote Savage or Tasha out. How no one thought of this is beyond me especially when they had a 4-2 numbers advantage after the merge.

I loved the fight from Varner and Woo. They didn’t come to Cambodia just to get voted out. As much as we can’t stand the Brazilian Soap Opera, her relationship with Varner seemed genuine. I loved the exit from both of them with Varner jokingly calling her a ‘little bitch’ on his way out and Abi showing some love with her hands. I’ll definitely miss Varner for the rest of the season, he left much too early but he simply couldn’t avoid the bat (or bug or whatever that was).

Varner is startled by a bug or bat

Let us know what you thought of last night’s episode of Survivor Second Chance? What do you think of Abi’s gameplay so far? And who do you think will go the distance? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading, fellow castaways.