American Horror Story Hotel: ‘Mommy’ Review

AHS Hotel 'Mother Nature'

I think my expectations for American Horror Story Hotel have become overwhelmingly high after watching the first two episodes because the latest episode, titled Mommy, didn’t seem to meet my expectations. Obviously we can’t expect every single episode of this series to be amazeballs and Mommy certainly didn’t live up to the hype that the previous episodes created.

There was a couple of good moments such as Chloe Sevigny’s opening monologue and the introduction of Ramona Royale, played by the sensational Angela Bassett, but other than that, there wasn’t a whole lot going on here. We didn’t learn anything new about the Ten Commandments Killer or the Vampire Kids and it really felt like this episode was setting things up for the long haul more than anything else. I also don’t like how everyone in the Hotel seems to have contracted the virus. You would think being able to provide people with immortality would be something you don’t just hand out like candy but it looked as though everyone is jumping on the vampire express these days.

Is anybody even alive or mortal in this hotel? The answer seems to be no and I’m not sure how this is all going to work if half the cast can’t even die because they are already dead. Also, it seems pretty obvious to me at this point that anyone who has contracted the virus that gives them immortality is sure to end up getting murdered at some point since that’s the only way they can die. Now quickly, make Ms. Evers proud, put a load of laundry in and enjoy the review, fellow guests.