Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Blood In The Streets’ Review

Fear The Walking Dead 'Captain Jack'

Fear The Walking Dead is getting pretty damn good. With another solid episode, ‘Blood in the Streets’ kept the ball rolling by introducing us to Captain Jack and his crew of wannabe pirates who had one thing on their minds: to hijack Abigail and go on an all-inclusive cruise around the world. To make things even easier for them, Chris decides to let them board the boat without even putting up a fight and the entire crew ends up as hostages aboard their own boat with the exception of Nick and Strand who are the only intelligent people on this show.

We also got a fairly boring flashback into Strand’s past life where we learned that Strand is some sort of con artist who always pays his debts…just like a Lannister. He’s also totally into dudes and clearly this show learned nothing from the original The Walking Dead. Please…no more relationships during the zombie apocalypse. Tradition should have died when the walkers were born and I can honestly say that I have no idea why the writers think exploring Strand’s sexuality through a flashback was going to be interesting because, well, it was not.

We were also introduced to a new bad guy who goes by the name of Captain Konnor although his group of pirates was clearly a lot more moronic than Strand’s group given the fact that they got themselves murdered rather quickly. Once again, Fear The Walking Dead showed us a whole bunch of things you should NEVER do during the zombie apocalypse and we’re going to recap the episode by rehashing these valuable lessons.

And remember, drinking rum before 10AM makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic so let’s break out the Captain Morgan’s and enjoy the review, fellow swimmers!