South Park: ‘PC Principal Final Justice’ Review

South Park 'Keepin' It Classi'

South Park kept it classi for the finale and our season long story about PC Principal was wrapped up for good. Or was it? In a twist ending, it looks like PC Principal will be sticking around in South Park after all but hopefully there will be a whole lot less PC next season. And also in real life. Personally, I loved this ending because of the metaphor. Social justice warriors are taking over the world and they’re here to stay so we all just better get used to it. And how appropriate was Stan’s final response to finish things off.

Of course, the obvious solution was guns and every single person in town ended up getting one, with hilarious results. Only on South Park is something like this going to happen as everyone was convinced that this was the only solution to their ad problem. And surprisingly, no one got shot even with every single person in town pulling out their gun at the same time.

We were even introduced to a new character, Classi with an “I”, and I can’t stop laughing about her expectations for how people are supposed to pronounce her name. The finale had a little of everything and, overall, it was pretty damn funny so grab a gun, keep it classi and enjoy the review!