Fear The Walking Dead: ‘The Dog’ Review

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

After taking a non-nonsensical week off last week after only airing two episodes, Fear the Walking Dead returned this week with a brand new episode titled The Dog and it appears it was worth the wait. The first couple of episodes were dragged out but the show appears to be picking up steam. That said, I was fairly disappointed when the military showed up at the end. I would have much preferred our modern families headin’ off on the highway and figuring out what to do next rather than stay home and play board games.

That said, I did like the Monopoly reference at the beginning even if it’s probably the last thing people should be doing during a zombie outbreak. I should also mention that playing a game of Monopoly can sometimes be worse than the zombie apocalypse. This is completely based on my own personal experience and I highly discourage playing this game with lawyers and/or business majors.

Luckily though, this episode was not half bad and even though all of the major characters are still alive and well, it was nice to see the neighborhood falling apart right before our eyes. Poor Susan and Patrick.

Now grab some dice and get rollin’ with the hopes of landing on Free Parking and enjoy the review!