Fear The Walking Dead: ‘The Good Man’ Season Finale Review

Leaving It All Behind

Finally, the episode of Fear the Walking Dead that we all wanted. With literally nothing happening last week, I was thrilled to see shit finally hit the fan. Stuff actually went down guys, and it paid off huge. I was fully entertained throughout the finale. Even though no one really important died, this episode finally advanced our story to where it should be going. Our characters had to make some tough choices in The Good Man and they finally left sweet suburbia to head off into this unforgiving world.

I also really like Strand. That guy seems to know what he’s doing and this show desperately needed someone with survival skills. I think there was too much focus on the Clark’s and family life. Strand really adds a new element to the show because we don’t know a lot about him and because he’s not a bitch when it comes to making decisions (right, Travis)?

This episode was everything a finale should be. Zombie’s are officially fucking the world up so quickly stop whatever you’re doing and enjoy the recap!