The Walking Dead: ‘Heads Up’ Review

The Walking Dead 'Ups and Downs'

Was it really necessary to drag this out for three episodes? The Walking Dead finally decided to explain what happened to Glenn and I was not impressed with the outcome. I know there are a lot of Walking Dead fans out there that are happy to see Glenn alive and well but ultimately, the way he was able to escape was a little too easy for me. Making us wait this long for that outcome was complete and utter bullshit and proves to me that the writers have nothing better to do then lead us on a wild goose chase.

Heads Up mostly focused on Alexandria once again and I can honestly say that I am getting sick and tired of watching these people have boring and pointless conversations that barely advance the plot. Morgan has easily become the most interesting character on the series because they actually took the time to develop his character by giving him an entire flashback episode. As for the rest of Alexandria, I do not care about Denise and her medical books or Ron learning how to shoot a gun or Deanna coming up with some new blueprints for the town or Spencer being the biggest idiot in the world. And not every episode has to be action-packed, I completely agree with those sentiments, but if this is a story about people, the last thing I want to see is Carol baking fucking cookies and Spencer trying to tightrope-walk his way to a car.

At least we finally put this whole Glenn thing to rest though. With only one episode remaining until the mid-season finale, the writers better have something special in store for us because I don’t think I can handle another episode that lives by the motto “same shit, different day.” That said, let’s get cozy under our favorite dumpster and enjoy the review, fellow walkers!