Game of Thrones: ‘Kill The Boy’ Review

Double Dragon

After last week’s shocking ending, it appears the show is completely changing up the stories from A Song of Ice and Fire. And if you haven’t read the books, I highly encourage you to jump on that bandwagon because there is even more going on. Some of the new stories, such as Sansa and Ramsay’s wedding, are more than welcome. But others, like Barristan’s death and Jorah filling the role of a completely different character, may hurt more than help.

Kill The Boy was one epic hour of television though and finally we got to see the ruins of old Valyria and the Stone Men that the series has been hinting at all season. Even the ending was a bit of a surprise to me although I had a feeling this is the route they were going to go with Jorah Mormont. The question now is: what does his Greyscale going to mean for Dany and the rest of her crew? Enjoy the review!