The Walking Dead: ‘Knots Untie’ Review


The Walking Dead finally unlocked an additional part of the map with Knots Untie and it only took us six fucking seasons of play time to get here. And what is with that awful episode title? I’m not really sure what knot is being untied here but maybe they’re just referring to all the loose ends this series continues to dangle in front of us. At least we are finally moving on to bigger and better things with Jesus taking Rick and company to his Hilltop Colony, another settlement that no one has heard about until now. Further, we also learned a bit more about Negan and his Saviors who are apparently big bullies, demanding that Hilltop provide them with 50% of their supplies in exchange for the Saviors to refrain from murdering them one by one. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me if you enjoy living.

Also, did anyone else start laughing uncontrollably whenever someone mentioned Jesus’s name? There were so many ridiculous quotes that were simply hilarious if only because of the name Jesus. Any other name would have made this just regular dialogue so I’m thrilled that they introduced this so-called Jesus character from the comics.

And we finally know where this story is going with Rick’s group heading out to find the Saviors and bring them down. They’re also going to try to save a guy named Craig who is being held hostage. Mission totally accepted. Knots Untie was another ‘set-up’ episode but at least we’re finally going to get the showdown we have all been waiting for soon. So quick, grab a spear to bring to the gun fight and enjoy the review, fellow walkers!