Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Not Fade Away’ Review

A Perfect Day

These people are the worst. With the zombie outbreak in full effect, our family decides to go for a jog, chill in the pool and of course paint some rooms. Also, golfing is totally a thing for the military now. As I mentioned last week, I was wishing these idiots would have left town and started on an adventure but no, instead they are trapped inside sweet suburbia on a sunny day with no where to go because the military has taken complete control of the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, there really wasn’t much to this episode. We spent a lot of time with our main characters just doing normal things which makes for a terrible story. This is the fucking zombie apocalypse and I want to see shit hit the fan…not Nick lounging in a pool. It took the entire episode to finally move the story forward, and with only two episodes remaining, the writers are running out of time to really wow us.

I did, however, thoroughly enjoy the opening and final scenes of Not Fade Away. With Lou Reed’s Perfect Day playing the background, we get a number of shots of our main characters having a pretty damn good time. I highly encourage you to check out the track below, it’s quite chilling. So what are you waiting for? It’s a beautiful day outside so sit back and relax, hit the play button and enjoy this perfectly perfect day.