Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Monster’ Review

Fear The Walking Dead 'Set Sail'

Fear The Walking Dead set sail for the season two premiere, titled ‘Monster’, and it looks like we’re on a boat, motherfucker! I have no idea what this all means for our characters but it certainly appears they have learned nothing from the first season. I admit, I was a little hard on these people for being morons last season but I’m quite amazed by some of the idiotic decisions that have been made so far and the premiere certainly did nothing to change my mind. Hell, if it wasn’t for Strand, I’m almost positive they would have let that entire raft of people on board which would have been really, really dumb.

Stupidity aside, the premiere does have me excited for the upcoming season. I welcome the new ocean scenery and I’m curious to see what awaits our families now that they have set sail. Plus, I’m really hoping for some zombie dolphins because that would be fucking epic! Right?! So far, it looks like our new crew of pirates is heading south to San Diego but I have a sneaking suspicion they are never going to reach their destination.

Madison, Travis, Alicia, Nick and Chris are very good at making terrible decisions and I’m quite surprised they have all managed to stay alive for so long. The premiere continued that trend and I’m starting to truly believe these people have no fucking clue what they are doing so I decided to compile a list of do’s and don’ts of the zombie apocalypse, based entirely on the events of each episode. Now let’s dust off the waterskis because it’s time to do some boating, zombie style. Enjoy the review, fellow swimmers!