The Walking Dead: ‘Not Tomorrow Yet’ Review

The Walking Dead 'Attack of the Killer Alexandrians'

The Walking Dead just had one of its best episodes in a very long time and after watching ‘Not Tomorrow Yet’, I am officially hoping tomorrow never comes. Rick and his group of savage murderers finally decided to put fate in their own hands by murdering an entire group of Saviors. Was this a good idea? Probably not. But I think war with this faction would have been inevitable so might as well make the first move.

Would you be able to murder people in their sleep in order to survive? This was the question most of our characters were dealing with (besides Rick and Carol obviously) and even though the Saviors haven’t posed a direct threat to Alexandria yet, I’m not so sure this would have been an easy decision to make. Morgan is definitely not right thinking that these Saviors are just going to surrender but we’re talking about cold-blooded murder here and I can’t imagine it would have been an easy decision for anybody involved. Of course, it probably helped knowing that the Saviors are actually a bunch of cold-blooded killers themselves so technically this is vigilante justice, right?

And with war comes the goodbyes, much to my dismay. What’s with the sudden outbreak of relationships on The Walking Dead? And who in the fuck is Tobin? Really, show? I’m expected to feel something for Carol and this random Tobin dude after they randomly decide to make out for no good reason whatsoever? Not happening. I think I could definitely go without all of this relationship crap. I get it, it’s supposed to be some kind of character development but the writers are really bad at it because a lot of these characters are simply really boring (like Tobin). Hopefully the series will focus more on these bigger conflicts, like Alexandria/Hilltop vs. The Saviors, because they seem to do that very well. Just please, no more make-out sessions.

Now let’s grab some of Carol’s world famous acorn beet cookies and enjoy the review, fellow walkers!