Game of Thrones: ‘Oathbreaker’ Review

Game of Thrones 'Conspiracy Theories'

Game of Thrones continued the trend of killing everyone off but this time, there was a whole lot of satisfaction from these deaths. Finally, right?! Plus, there was one HUGE surprise that I did not see coming and we may be coming closer to a Stark family reunion with the return of Rickon Stark and his Wildling protector, Osha! You are damn right the North remembers!

There was a lot going on in Oathbreaker and theories are beginning to spring up all over the Internet so I have tried to rehash what I think is going to happen as the season rolls along. There are still so many question marks given how many stories and characters are involved but Oathbreaker seemed to be foreshadowing a lot, whether it be returning characters or upcoming battles. And we also can’t forget about those White Walkers who haven’t been seen or heard from since Hardhome. Winter is most definitely coming and when it arrives, I’m pretty sure all of these other events won’t matter.

I also love the fact that the series has moved past the books (even if I’m still pissed that the sixth one isn’t finished yet). Admittedly, it has made this season a lot more fun to watch given the fact that no one really knows what is going to happen. There has been so much more speculation this time around and I’m loving every minute of it. Now let’s dive right in and do some speculating of our own, just be sure to wipe that smug look off your face or you might end up like Olly. Enjoy the review, fellow Northmen!