Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Ouroboros’ Review

Fear The Walking Dead 'Get Wrecked'

Fear The Walking Dead did something pretty fucking cool with ‘Ouroboros’ and in case you’re wondering what in the hell that episode title means, it’s an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. This is probably symbolic of doing whatever it takes to survive and, even though no one ate one of their own, human nature was at its best throughout the episode. We were also treated to a three hour tour to Gilligan’s Island to check out some plane wreckage and to gather supplies which almost ended in disaster after the entire group decided to split up and wander around aimlessly.

Once again our characters did some amazingly dumb things which made it extremely easy for me to compile a list of what not to do during the zombie apocalypse. Heck, even Carol’s rosary showed up for the fun (okay, so it wasn’t Carols but that scene with Daniel and Nick finding a rosary and holding it up couldn’t have been mere coincidence). Plus we were introduced to a new character, Alex, who somehow survived Flight 462 without breaking her spine and made her way on board Abigail…which only lasted about a minute.

Clark family, this isn’t a party boat and this isn’t summer vacation. While Alex and Jake probably don’t pose much of a threat, Strand is not even remotely interested in taking on more people but I have a feeling this isn’t the last we have seen of Alex.

Now let’s put on some scuba gear and dive right in while we go over some of the things you probably shouldn’t attempt during a zombie apocalypse. Enjoy, fellow swimmers!