Game of Thrones: ‘Mother’s Mercy’ Season Finale Review

Snow Angel

The season finale of Game of Thrones has come and gone and the Internet is officially broken. Was there really any doubt that shit was going to hit the fan? And now we are left with numerous questions about pretty much every single character in the show. While some of the scenes in the finale, titled Mother’s Mercy, were directly from the books, we also had some interesting twists and turns that left readers of A Song of Ice and Fire scratching their heads. I’m still quite shocked at a number of events that took place in the finale but it certainly did not disappoint in any way.

And this is probably the most devastating and game changing finale we have seen in Game of Thrones history. Characters were killed off left and right and the finale left me wondering if some of these characters are actually dead. I will try to speculate some of my own ideas regarding what is going to happen next season but I think we all just need to take a deep breath right now because everything that happened in this episode has made things in Westeros look very bleak.

Hopefully you have a Valyrian sword by your side for this recap now that all the dragonglass is gone…oh, and some tissues. My recap is below…Enjoy!