Game of Thrones: ‘Sons Of The Harpy’ Review

Sparrows and Snakes and Harpies Oh My!

What. The. Fuck. Show! I am literally speechless, dumbfounded and devastated. The fates of two of my favorite characters in Meereen are up in the air right now and it was absolutely nerve wracking watching it all play out! I mean, can the show really kill off one of the most loyal and noble warriors in the 7 kingdoms!?!

I will say this though, Sons of the Harpy was an absolutely fantastic and epic episode. The fight scene at the end was brilliantly done. Not only that, we get our first real glimpse at Dorne and it was spectacular. I already have a heart on for the Sand Sisters and I can only imagine what is in store for Myrcella and the Lannisters now that Dorne is slowly making their way into the mix. Not to mention the Sparrow uprising in King’s Landing which is going to have major consequences for many characters. And Dorne makes its first appearance in the title sequence!

Now move your body like a snake and enjoy the review!