South Park: ‘Sponsored Content’ Review

South Park 'Mad World'

South Park just killed me from laughter. Sponsored Content started one of the most ridiculous, and hilarious, stories of the season. Plus, the entire season seems to be connected and coming together at the perfect time and in the perfect way.

Everything got started when one of the first-graders decided to use the word “retarded” in describing the new cafeteria policy in a front-page article in Jimmy’s Super School News. And as it turns out, there is a lot more at stake because ads have been manipulating the entire PC bro movement the entire time. I’m ecstatic that Leslie was brought into the bigger story and I think having all of the episodes connect has paid off big time as we head towards the finish line.

Sponsored Content was everything I have come to expect from a Jimmy-centric episode of South Park and may have been one of my favorite episodes of the season. Plus, I love it when this series goes all out on the ‘just fucking ridiculous’ meter and with ads taking over the world, I am expecting big, and hilarious, things to come our way leading up to the finale. So grab a newspaper, because I can pretty much guarantee we all haven’t done that in a while, and enjoy the review!