South Park: ‘Truth And Advertising’ Review

South Park 'Bad Apple'

The remaining two episodes of South Park’s 19th season had so much potential but I’m finding the story to be a lot less interesting than pretty much everything that comes out of Caitlyn Jenner’s mouth. So thankfully she was present for this episode with her new BFF’s Mr. Garrison and Principal Victoria. Truth and Advertising would not have been nearly as good without Caitlyn and she has been one of the best new characters of the season.

The entire story with Leslie had so much potential but having her be an ad isn’t working for me. It was hilarious when PC Principal was screaming at her to stop talking during the school assemblies but ever since they revealed she was going to have a bigger part to play in the story, it hasn’t exactly resulted in laughs. I understand that she is a plot device but there was so much potential to make this super hilarious and it just hasn’t been so far.

So with all of the new developments in town, no one in South Park can seem to afford their new lifestyle anymore which was the basis for Truth and Advertising. Jimmy has been busy with Leslie and those news reporters but it was Mr. Garrison and his new running mate returning to town that supplied all of the laughs. Please though, whatever you do, do NOT attempt to cross the street when Caitlyn Jenner is in the vicinity or you’re definitely going to have a bad time. Enjoy the review!