South Park: ‘You’re Not Yelping’ Review

South Park: Today's Special

South Park returned last night after taking a week off and the newly built Whole Foods has brought a vibrant restaurant industry into the Shi Tpa Town district. The results were fucking hilarious. First off, anytime the residents of South Park decide they need to start looting you know it’s going to be a good time. Second, the song at the end had me on the floor laughing. Not only was it catchy as hell, but it was vulgar, disgusting and awesome! South Park at its best.

With Yelpers taking over the town, it was only a matter of time before all hell broke loose and Whistling Willy was the one to get it all started. We even had the introduction of a new character, David (or Daveed as Cartman pronounces it), a kid who recently moved to town from Idaho and whose family runs a local Mexican restaurant.

Hopefully none of my readers are yelpers because you are about to be extremely offended. Enjoy the review and just remember to be careful next time you decide to go out for dinner.