American Horror Story: Coven ‘The Axeman Cometh’ Review

Here's Johnny

Once again… you have outdone yourself American Horror Story. And the more I delve into the history and story of the Axeman of New Orleans, the more I realize how brilliant this television show is! Not only were the writers able to bring in the actual Axeman of New Orleans but the REAL story is actually aligned with the way they are presenting the plot! In other words, our Axeman friend was very much real and was never found until AHS decided to write us a nice little story about what happened to him.

With the exception of FrankenKyle (please, please, please get rid of him… I almost feel like they didn’t know what the hell to do with Evan Peters so they just threw him into that bullshit role), ‘The Axeman Cometh’ had a little bit of everything and told an extremely interesting story with some history to go with it! I still have faith though… I mean, this show somehow turned Hank into a relevant character, more on that later, so maybe FrankenKyle will finally do something other than smash a bunch of stuff!