Game of Thrones: ‘The Dance Of Dragons’ Review

Flight of the Dragon

Last week it was all about ice. This week it was all about fire. And just when I think that this episode couldn’t possibly match last week’s horror at Hardhome, especially after its slow start, all hell breaks loose into what may have been the greatest scene in Game of Thrones history. Ya, undead zombies and blue-eyed white walkers are pretty cool, but this is DRAGONS we’re talking about here.

And while the first half of the episode was pretty much a yawnfest, that ending was completely mind blowing. Readers of A Song of Ice and Fire have been waiting for this moment and it certainly did not disappoint. Not only that, this episode also featured one of the saddest things I have ever seen and will forever haunt my memories. Shame on you Stannis Baratheon.

But it’s fight night in Meereen so pour yourself a nice glass of wine (just don’t spill it like Ellaria), grab some honeyed locusts and enjoy the review!