The Goldbergs Best Moments: ‘Big Orange’

The Goldbergs Best Moments 'Big Orange'

The Goldbergs just did an entire episode about Barry’s favorite shirt and it was epic! I have no idea how an entire episode could possibly center around one t-shirt but The Goldbergs has done it again with Big Orange. We’ve seen Barry’s Flyers shirt many times throughout the series so I love the idea of having an entire episode dedicated to his favorite tee! Plus, we all have one favorite t-shirt that we cherish.

Seriously, I love that shirt and it’s totally appropriate for The Goldbergs considering how much Beverly loves her snuggies! Surprisingly though, this episode brought us one of the BEST messages that we can all live by and for that, I am grateful and inspired. Is there a better comedy on television that combines the right mix of nostalgia, comedy and emotion? The answer is definitely no and this is why The Goldbergs will always be one of my favorite shows. Enjoy all of the best moments from Big Orange, fellow ’80s rock stars!