The Goldbergs Best Moments: ‘Edward ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Edwards’


The Goldbergs was feeling Olympic with Edward ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Edwards, bringing back a moment from the 1988 Olympic Games where Eddie the Eagle became the first British skier to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping. On a side note, I believe they are also releasing a movie called Eddie the Eagle about this same moment starrring Hugh Jackman and Christopher Walken. And just like the classic ’90s movie Cool Runnings, I was feeling very Olympic today as I watched Barry attempt to become a champion in every sport imaginable.

In the end, he was awarded a gold medal in the Home Games and I absolutely loved the comparisons at the end between the real footage and the acted out version. It’s pretty amazing just how real this show really is and this epic third season continued the trend with another gold medal-worthy episode of The Goldbergs. Now, take a seat on the futon and enjoy the review, fellow ’80s Olympians!