The Walking Dead: ‘The Next World’ Review

The Walking Dead 'What Would Jesus Do?'

What in the fuck was that? The Walking Dead gave us it’s latest effort, titled ‘The Next World’, and this is a world I definitely do not want to be a part of. Literally nothing happened and this may have been the worst episode of the season so far, which isn’t saying much. You would think that, after killing seven people in one shot, that Negan’s people would be super pissed and looking for Daryl and company but nope, they are apparently no where to be found and everyone is just chillin’ in Alexandria. I honestly thought all of that walking around last season was bad enough but there is one thing worse than walking on this show: settling in. And that was exactly what our group of idiots did for the entirety of this episode. Not even Jesus could save it.

I know I’m not the only one that could care less about Rick and Michonne hooking up at the end of the episode too. While I realize that character development is important, this is The Walking Dead and I do not give a shit about spending time watching our characters hook up. Luckily, there’s still hope because Negan and is group of crazies are eventually going to start murdering people but I really wish we didn’t have to sit through episodes like this. It appears that a 16-episode season might be too much to handle for the writers.

So get ready for an epic hour that featured Rick and Daryl going on a pointless adventure, Carl and Enid playing in the woods, Deanna returning as a reanimated corpse and, of course, Michonne and Rick getting it on since apparently that wall of fire this town so desperately needs is totally going to build itself. Enjoy the review, fellow walkers!