The Walking Dead: ‘The Same Boat’ Review

The Walking Dead 'Murder, Carol Wrote'

The Walking Dead just introduced us to a whole bunch of new characters and then immediately killed them all off in ‘The Same Boat’. And it was awesome. Earlier, we followed Daryl and Rick as they went on an excellent adventure with Jesus and this time we caught up with Maggie and Carol for their bogus journey with the Saviors. It was an epic hour of television with multiple death scenes and, with the entire main cast surviving this hostage situation, I get the feeling that things are not going to end well by the time the season finale wraps up. There are still three episodes left and there is no way in hell that this is the last we have seen of the Saviors. Plus, I am Negan…and so are you.

We learned a great deal about this new group of Saviors before they were ultimately killed off but I still want more because I know there is a lot more going on with this group that we haven’t seen yet. Negan is still no where to be found but I can’t imagine that he’s a happy camper considering Rick’s group have mass murdered at least twenty of their people. Daryl alone was responsible for seven of those deaths in one shot…just sayin’! Still, the way things wrapped up at the end of the episode puts us right back to square one with the big question of what’s next.

The Walking Dead is finally giving us a story line we all want but it’s taking forever to get to the showdown we’re all drooling over. I can’t wait for Rick to finally come face to face with Negan and I just know some of our characters won’t be getting out of this alive now that they have basically started a war with the Saviors. If I was a betting man, I’d place all my money on Spencer not making it out of this season alive (since he’s the most useless character on the show) but I think things will change dramatically once this season comes to a close and some of our main characters could be in big trouble.

Now, let’s all get comfy in a safehouse full of walkers, light up a smoke and enjoy the review, fellow Walkers!