The Walking Dead: ‘Hostiles and Calamities’ Review

In A PIckle

Hostiles and Calamities, or as I prefer to call it ‘Pickles and Calamari’, was simply the story of Dwight and Eugene–a tragic tale of how one man bit another man’s penis and how they come to terms with it. Seriously though, I feel like we’re being set up here. Both Eugene and Dwight are going to be wildcards in this upcoming war with the Saviors and I’m willing to bet the bank that these two men will set their penis-biting differences aside to help Rick and company win.

Both of these men are clearly lying to Negan and will eventually turn on the Saviors. It’s absolutely inevitable and, much like Eugene lied to Rick and his group for a very long time, it appears he’s doing the Long Con once again to avoid being killed immediately. Not a bad plan if you ask me, especially in comparison to Richard’s dumb idea from last week.

Now let’s count down all of the dumbest and funniest moments from another ridiculous installment of The Walking Dead. Enjoy!