Under the Dome: ‘Ejecta’ Review

Don't They Know It's The End Of The World

If you weren’t under the dome for last night’s gripping episode, titled Ejecta, then I guess you’re probably dead since it appears this episode was the end of human civilization. I’m not sure if leaving our domies alive as the last living human beings is a good idea though since, well…we all know they aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

This event was actually hinted at way back in Season 1 when the military launched a nuke at the dome and if you need a refresher, you can check out the recap here. You’ll remember Skeeter Davis playing in the background when our domies thought their world was about to end. This time, however, it looks like the dome is their saving grace and these ‘pink stars’ have completely obliterated the planet leaving only those trapped under the dome alive. Sorry Big Jim and Julia…

This episode was easily one of the best of the series which probably doesn’t say much but I loved the premise and the direction were headed now that a meteor shower has wiped out mankind. Although I’m not really sure what was up with rehashing the time of day for all of our characters as this was going on.

It’s the end of the world folks, so grab a bottle of your finest, throw on some Skeeter Davis and enjoy the ride!