Fear The Walking Dead: ‘We All Fall Down’ Review


Fear The Walking Dead may have just given us the best episode of the series to date with ‘We All Fall Down’ which not only took our pirates on a brief stopover but also contrasted this zombie outbreak with the Bubonic plague that killed millions of people centuries ago. And while everyone didn’t fall down, possibly due to having a pocket full of poseys, others did in the worst possible way.

So far, this season is exceeding my expectations big time and I was thrilled from start to finish with this expedition to Catrina Island. The one thing that annoyed me from last season is that most of our characters were stuck in their homes and there was no time for exploration or meeting new people. Only two episodes in and we’ve already met an entirely new family and, while it obviously didn’t end on a good note for these newbies, it was still a pleasant surprise to see the Clark family meet some new characters.

Once again, there was a lot of ridiculous decision making that always has a way of making me laugh, especially Travis who appears to be an entirely new kind of dumb. Just like in the premiere, there was a lot to be learned so let’s count down exactly what you should never do during a zombie apocalypse. Grab yourself a glass of wine, head towards the flashing light and enjoy the review, fellow swimmers!