The Goldbergs Best Moments: ‘Baio and Switch’

The Goldbergs Best Moments 'Baio and Switch'

The Goldbergs took us back in time to the ’80s charity crazy, this time incorporating Hands Across America into the story with hilarious results. Just like every mom everywhere, Bev’s goal in life is to capture the perfect family photo and that was exactly what she set out to do in Baio and Switch. Of course, this wouldn’t be The Goldbergs without a celebrity appearance from Scott Baio, whom I remember quite well from my days of watching Charles In Charge. So many weird memories come flooding back after watching The Goldbergs and this was one memory from growing up in the ’80s that I’ll never forget. If you don’t remember this show, the intro might refresh some long lost memories.

Does anyone else remember Buddy from that sitcom? Oh man, that guy was one hilarious idiot! Now let’s get right to it and check out all of the best moments from Baio and Switch. Enjoy, fellow ’80s rock stars!

Scott Baio

5. Adam’s Time Bandits T-Shirt

I seriously need Adam Goldberg’s T-shirt collection in my closet because they’re always classic, just like the ’80s. This time he was sporting a Time Bandits tee, a shout out to the 1981 movie. And while I’ve never actually seen the film, I still really want this shirt.

Time Bandits

This movie has the 1980s written all over it and if you don’t believe me, just watch the trailer from the original movie below. Simply classic!

4. ’80s Action Figures

Adam, Dave Kim and Pops come up with a scheme so Adam can successfully take two girls to the dance in one night, something that has never been accomplished successfully. Of course, Adam ends up using his toy action figures to plan the entire thing out using Michelangelo, Princess Leia, the Incredible Hulk and the Cobra Terror Drome. If that doesn’t bring back childhood memories from the ’80s, I don’t know what does. Plus, I totally owned all of the ninja turtles including the same one Adam used. To be a kid again…

Adam with his Ninja Turtle action figure

3. Ben Franklin Falls Victim to a Beverly Goldberg ‘F’ Bomb

Barry and Erica refuse to lock hands with their smother during the Hands Across America event and apparently Beverly was feeling the pressure. Not even Benjamin Franklin was safe.

Oh f@#$ off, Ben Franklin

I don’t know why but there was something satisfying about watching Bev tell Ben Franklin to F-off. So glad the traditional Beverly Goldberg ‘F’ bombs are back after taking last week off.

2. Adam Goldberg Does The Impossible

It turns out the best plan of all is honesty and that was exactly what Adam decided to do after getting busted by his girlfriend and best friend for asking them both to the school dance. That’s right, Adam was able to do what Alex P. Keaton, Jack Tripper and Peter Brady never could…take two girls to the dance. Big pimpin’ all the way!

Like A Boss

1. The Goldbergs Latest Family Portrait

After the Hands Across America debacle, Erica and Barry surprise their smother with a framed portrait of a newspaper headline from the event. The headline, and picture, were absolutely hilarious.

Goldberg Family Portrait

I love the fact that the headline refers to the Goldbergs as a ‘Loud Family’. This is exactly what the Goldbergs are all about and the look on Erica’s face in the picture is pure gold. I can’t stop laughing because this is exactly the kind of thing I expect from my favorite ’80s family.  Plus, as an added bonus, they played Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven Is A Place On Earth which was the perfect song for this particular moment. You should definitely hit play below and rock out like it’s the ’80s!

I seriously don’t know how this series is able to remember so many little details from the ’80s but every week this series is always able to bring back some crazy childhood memories. Baio and Switch reminded me of when I just a little boy watching Charles In Charge and wanting to be just like Charles one day. This show is definitely at its best when it bombards us with nostalgia and the third season has been an extremely pleasant stroll down memory lane! One small request: with David Bowie recently passing away (sad faces all around), I hope The Goldbergs give us an ’80s tribute to Ziggy Stardust himself and, obviously, this would absolutely have to include a story involving the cult classic movie Labyrinth, which is easily one of my favorite movies of all time.

So what was your favorite ’80s moment from The Goldbergs? Let us know in the comments and it would be super rad if you also let us know what ’80s tribute you’d like to see in future episodes! Thanks for reading, fellow ’80s rock stars!