The Goldbergs Best Moments: ‘Big Orange’

The Goldbergs Best Moments 'Big Orange'

The Goldbergs just did an entire episode about Barry’s favorite shirt and it was epic! I have no idea how an entire episode could possibly center around one t-shirt but The Goldbergs has done it again with Big Orange. We’ve seen Barry’s Flyers shirt many times throughout the series so I love the idea of having an entire episode dedicated to his favorite tee! Plus, we all have one favorite t-shirt that we cherish. Here is mine:

Seriously, I love that shirt and it’s totally appropriate for The Goldbergs considering how much Beverly loves her snuggies! Surprisingly though, this episode brought us one of the BEST messages that we can all live by and for that, I am grateful and inspired. Is there a better comedy on television that combines the right mix of nostalgia, comedy and emotion? The answer is definitely no and this is why The Goldbergs will always be one of my favorite shows. Enjoy all of the best moments from Big Orange, fellow ’80s rock stars!

5. Adam’s Conan Shirt (and the box of Pac-Man cereal)

Since this entire episode revolved around Barry’s favorite shirt, I obviously had to include one of Adam’s trademark tees. If someone would please just buy me an entire closet of Adam Goldberg t-shirts, I will love you for the rest of my life. These tees bring back memories of all of my favorite movies and TV shows from the ’80s and this week was no exception with Adam’s ‘Conan the Destroyer’ t-shirt:

Conan The Destroyer

I have fond memories of the Conan the Adventurer cartoon from way back in the day and this tee immediately reminded me of this cartoon. I’ve reproduced the intro sequence below in case you forgot that this show even existed:

Plus, the box of Pac-Man cereal that Erica was eating for breakfast made this entire scene even more nostalgic and awesome! Who would have thought that cereal from the ’80s could give us the feels?!

I also must give an honorable mention to the Garfield t-shirt Pops brought in at the end of the episode. This is a definite WANT!

Garfield Whatever

4. The Case Of The Missing Skeletor 

This moment brought back a flood of memories for me given the fact that I was obsessed with the Hardy Boys mysteries when I was just a young’n. This was definitely a big deal for kids everywhere in the ’80s as we all attempted to solve our own mysteries, including Erica and the missing Skeletor action figure.

To The Treehouse!

Another case closed for the Goldberg Gang!!! Not only was this an amazing reference to Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, it also conjured up memories of all of my old He-Man toys. Plus, watching Erica in her pre-teen years with that hilariously nerdy lisp and huge set of glasses is always a treat!

3. What The F@#$

Beverly Goldberg did it again. Is it just me or are these ‘F’ bombs getting funnier and funnier as the series rolls on? This time, after Bev and Lainey take Barry shopping for some new clothes, Barry decides that he still really loves his Flyers shirt and continues to wear it. Obviously this did not sit well with his smother:

What the F@#$

Since Barry isn’t wearing anything from his new wardrobe, Bev and Lainey form an alliance to destroy Barry’s favorite shirt and the results were hilarious. Still though ladies, totally not cool to destroy a man’s favorite tee! Not cool at all.

2. The Goldberg Gang Solves The Case

With Barry offering up his entire life savings to Adam and Erica, the two siblings immediately agree to help him out. Erica knows exactly who was responsible for destroying the shirt but Adam seems to believe that there is a bigger conspiracy in play. He rounds up the JTP to do some interrogating but ultimately he ends up revealing to Barry that Lainey was one of the individuals responsible for murdering his shirt. As soon as Adam made this admission, I could not stop laughing at Barry’s delayed reaction.

"Wait, what?"

1. The Greatest Scooby Doo Reference Ever

This was easily the best moment from the episode, right raggy? After Adam and Erica identified the culprits who murdered Barry’s t-shirt, Beverly dropped what was hands down the best line from everyone’s favorite mystery-themed cartoon, Scooby Doo.

“I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”

I could not stop laughing when she uttered these words and it was the perfect way to complete the Goldberg Gang’s latest case.

Big Orange was all about Barry’s shirt and, once again, The Goldbergs produced an amazingly hilarious story revolving around one item of clothing and an old cartoon favorite. Hopefully Barry will be able to move on but luckily his family was there to provide the support he needed over the loss of his favorite shirt. Obviously, we all have our favorite things that we treasure but I really couldn’t say it any better than The Goldbergs: “The most painful part of growing up is saying farewell to the stuff you love the most. But as much as it hurts, we all have to tear down the old things to make room for what’s new. Letting go of the past is hard but what’s even harder  is that we’ll never know what the future holds for us.  But when you finally stumble upon that perfect fit in life, nothing is more rewarding.” These are words that we should all live by and I am completely inspired and excited for what the future holds…and so should you!

Let us know all of your favorite moments from Big Orange in the comments, including your favorite shirt, and thanks always for reading, fellow ’80s rock stars!


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