The Goldbergs Best Moments: ‘Double Dare’

The Goldbergs Best Moments ' Double Dare'

The Goldbergs went game show on us for Double Dare and once again my early childhood came rushing back to me immediately. I even owned a copy of the Double Dare PC game from wayyyy back in the day.

Double Dare PC Game  Double Dare PC Game Back Cover

Needless to say, I loved this game show just as much as the Goldbergs and I was thrilled to see it front and center for an entire episode. Once again, this series was able to take something that we all probably forgot about from the ’80s and turn it into a fresh new story that was full of hilarious moments. We didn’t even have one of our trademark Beverly Goldberg ‘F’ bombs this time around. The good news, however, was that we didn’t need it. Enjoy all of the best moments from Double Dare, fellow ’80s game show contestants.

5. The Animal

As soon as I saw Bev roll out a plate of nachos on a toy monster truck, I was immediately hungry for nachos. Not only that, but I remember this toy from the ’80s and even though I never actually owned one myself, I still remember the ridiculous theme song from the commercials. Unfortunately this particular plate of nachos did not survive.

Nacho Delivery Service

In case anyone doesn’t remember, I’ve also included the original advertisement for The Animal below, I highly recommend pressing play. Seriously, it’s amazing the things you remember after watching an episode of The Goldbergs:

4. Beverly Becomes The Eagles Lucky Charm

If you’re an Eagles fan…sorry! They haven’t exactly accomplished much in the NFL and apparently it was no different in the ’80s. Luckily for Murray and Barry, whenver Bev was in the room, the Eagles seemed to always step up their play. I’m all for superstitions when it comes to sports so it was perfectly fitting that Barry decided to get him smother back in the room when the Eagles were playing every Sunday. Plus, we got this awesomely radical gif:

Bev is the new Eagles lucky charm

3. Bev Learns How To Play Feetball

Is Feetball the plural of Football? Well, it is now. I absolutely loved how Beverly decided to learn the rules of football with Erica teaching her in ways Beverly would only understand. Even if it interfered with Murray’s alone time, at least we got this amazing version of a Gronk spike from Beverly. I will gladly join a pick-up game with Bev any day and so should you:

Bev does a Gronk spike

2. ‘Cute’ Dave Kim

Poor Dave Kim. Can’t even find a partner for the big Double Dare try-outs. At least he’s a humble dude and is able to totally make fun of himself. I couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that he referred to himself as ‘Cute’ Dave Kim but it was even more hilarious when he said he was always a bridesmaid. Everyone knew a kid like this growing up so I hoped you all laughed just as much as I did at his hilarious quotes.


1. Handsome Ben and Regular Amy

The ending was pretty much perfect in every way. Handsome Ben and Regular Amy end up teaming up for the Double Dare try-outs after Adam and his bestie had a falling out of sorts. Even better was the fact that the REAL Ben and Amy took part in this episode and there was actual footage from when they participated in the REAL Double Dare. Man, I would have killed to be on that show too. Also, I really want one of those Double Dare T-shirts to go with the rest of Adam’s collection. Let’s go Head Bashers!!!

Handsome Ben and Regular Amy

Double Dare was another solid episode of the ’80s inspired Goldbergs and I can’t get enough. Every single week I’m always so curious as to what memories this show is going to bring back and they always do a remarkable job of making references to things I totally forgot about. The Double Dare game show was one of my favorites as a kid and it was a treat to watch Adam and the rest of his class attempt to get through the obstacle course in record time! Keep the memories coming, show! And always remember, “that’s the thing about the relationships that matter most. Sure, they get messy and sometimes you fumble but when you’re a team, you always win.” Words to live by! Thanks for reading, ’80s rock stars!