The Goldbergs Best Moments: ‘Edward ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Edwards’

The Goldbergs Best Moments 'Edward 'Eddie the Eagle' Edwards'

The Goldbergs was feeling Olympic with Edward ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Edwards, bringing back a moment from the 1988 Olympic Games where Eddie the Eagle became the first British skier to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping. On a side note, I believe they are also releasing a movie called Eddie the Eagle about this same moment starrring Hugh Jackman and Christopher Walken. And just like the classic ’90s movie Cool Runnings, I was feeling very Olympic today as I watched Barry attempt to become a champion in every sport imaginable.

In the end, he was awarded a gold medal in the Home Games and I absolutely loved the comparisons at the end between the real footage and the acted out version. It’s pretty amazing just how real this show really is and this epic third season continued the trend with another gold medal-worthy episode of The Goldbergs. Now, take a seat on the futon and enjoy the review, fellow ’80s Olympians!

5. “Holy Balls”

A big thank you to Adam Goldberg for giving me my newest catch phrase. There is something about the word ‘balls’ that is just really fun to say out loud. After Barry swishes the ball like a boss, Adam just couldn’t hold back his excitement. Holy balls, indeed.

Holy Balls

4. Barry’s Wheaties Box

Classic Barry. Always thinking he’s going to succeed with the most ridiculous plans in the world. This time, he’s trying to figure out which sport he’s going to master and my money is definitely not on curling. This isn’t Canada after all, eh. Also, this might be the creepiest box of cereal you’ll ever see:

Breakfast of Champions

The more I look at this thing, the more freaked out I am. Luckily, we were also treated to another awesome Adam Goldberg t-shirt to add to the must-have list (as I start whistling the Indiana Jones theme song).

Raiders of the Lost Ark

3. Barry Doing Ribbon Dancing

Since Equestrian is off the board because of whatever the horses did to Barry, it was only a matter of time before Barry chose the most ridiculous sport of all time. Is this even a sport? I’m going to say absolutely not but at least we got this amazing gif.

Barry does ribbon dancing

Of course, it didn’t exactly work out since Barry almost strangles himself with the ribbon somehow. I guess ribbon dancing is totally out!

2. The ‘F’ Bomb Doesn’t Stand For Futon

Murray’s furniture store is not performing so well in the sales department which has turned Murray into a grumpy bear. This leads to Bev trying to solve the problem by introducing Murray to the futon (which is totally pronounced ‘Faton’ since this was the ’80s). She also produced one of the best quotes ever about furniture:

“It’s the Origami of furniture.”

And if that’s not enough for you, we also got this absolutely classic Beverly Goldberg ‘F’ bomb:

"Just one F!@#ING Futon."

1. The Return of Ball Ball

Barry brings back Ball Ball since that is the one game that he’s super good at, possibly because he was the one who invented it, and ends up getting a school ‘Ball Ball’ club. The only problem is that there might just be someone better than Barry at the game. Now is a totally appropriate time to say ‘HOLY BALLS’!

Barry gets a ball in the balls

I’m pretty sure all the male readers know what it feels like to get hit with a ball in the balls. Yes ladies, it’s the worst thing ever so please don’t do it.

Edward ‘Eddie the Eagle’  Edwards was your usual underdog story with Barry trying his luck at a whole bunch of random sports in order to become a champion. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for Barry in ribbon dancing, Ball Ball or extreme canoeing but at least he got to spend some quality time with his younger bro. Seriously though, I need to know what this extreme canoeing is all about because it sounds totally radical. I hope you enjoyed another awesome installment of The Goldbergs. Let us know what your best moments were from Edward ‘Eddie the Eagle’  Edwards and thanks for reading, fellow ’80s Olympians!