The Goldbergs Best Moments: ‘Have A Summer’

The Goldbergs Best Moments 'Have A Summer'

The Goldbergs is on vacation for summer break, which makes me super sad, but at least the season finale provided us with a look at the last day of school before summer vacation in hilariously epic fashion, as per usual. The finale had me emotional in every way as I was reminded about what it was like to make the transition from eighth grade to high school and it brought back a flood of awesome memories. Adam said it best…”That’s the thing about our greatest memories. Sure we don’t always remember exactly who was there or how it happened, all I remember was the blur of 1980 something. And it was awesome.”

I can relate to this show on so many levels but this might be my favorite episode yet simply because it brought me back to my childhood. A time of adventure, change and classic moments with no responsibility. If anything, I’m more motivated than ever to continue writing my own story that I hope you will all get to see someday. With that, let’s enjoy all of the best moments from The Goldbergs season finale. Enjoy and have a summer, everyone!

5. Coach Miller’s Movie Selection

The end of the school year always meant laziness from both students and teachers alike. This time, Coach Miller decided to have his students watch a movie for gym class and his movie selection was pure ’80s awesomeness because who doesn’t like a good Van Damme flick:


Even funnier was his movie selection for Calculus class…Cannonball Run II. How is that a math movie? TWO! It has a number in it…MATH! 🙂

4. Freshman Fear Week

Ah yes, every teenagers worst nightmare…making the transition from middle school to high school. From my own experiences, we called it ‘9ers week’, an entire week dedicated to hazing the 9th graders. For The Goldbergs, it was called Freshman Fear week and Adam immediately goes to his smother for protection from his older brother in the best way imaginable:

"I got you, baby."

Unforunately for Adam, however, Bev realizes that her baby is all grown up and needs to be fighting his own battles so she ends up taking some ‘sad and creepy’ closet time to sniff out her youngest son’s old blankie. I love this woman!

"That's good blankie!"

That said, I think Erica is right when she tells her smother, “You have a serious problem.”

3. Barry Goldberg ‘F’ Bomb

With Freshman Fear week in full swing, Barry and his crew attempt to take care of the soon-to-be ninth graders by throwing them in the shower without a towel. Unfortunately for Barry, his younger brother finally got the best of him with this amazing body slam!

"What the F@#$"

Barry had no idea what hit him, hence the perfectly timed ‘F’ bomb, which single handedly propelled Adam into awesomeness and turned Barry into a loser. A reminder that it’s never a good idea to let a freshman get the upper hand.

2. Gummi Bears

Once again, The Goldbergs took us way back into the ’80s with Adam enjoying his new found popularity with some Gummi Bears while watching Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears!

Adam eating Gummi Bears

All I can say is YESSS! Sure, this cartoon was about a group of cartoon bears that would literally get high on Gummi Beary Juice, but what kid didn’t watch this in the ’80s? I still remember the words to the intro and I’ve reproduced it below so be sure to sing along!

1. The Most Epic Fear Week Prank Of All Time

With Adam feeling terrible about ruining his brother’s popularity, the two brothers come up with an epic plan to bring Barry back. With the entire eighth grade out in the school yard for graduation rehearsal, all it took was a little sprinkler action for Barry to get his groove back. Plus, this Dave Kim quote had me on the floor laughing:

“Nooo! This is my graduation turtleneck!”

Have A Summer once again conjured up so many memories from my childhood and I hope it had the same effect on you too. It also looks like we’re going to get to see Adam make his way into 9th grade next season and I’m super excited to see what awaits us for season four.

Let us know all of your favorite moments from the season finale in the comments and thanks always for reading, fellow ’80s rock stars! I’m now going to focus on writing my own original story that will take us through the late ’90s / early 2000s. The Classic Moments List is coming soon, so get ready and have a summer, everyone!

Have A Summer

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