The Goldbergs Best Moments: ‘Magic Is Real’

The Goldbergs Best Moments 'Magic Is Real'

The Goldbergs put on a magic show for us with ‘Magic Is Real’ with Adam trying to do his best David Copperfield impersonation. Oh man, I remember how much hype there was whenever Mr. Copperfield would put on one of his primetime specials that were spectacular in every way. Of course, Adam’s motive for practicing magic is simply to pick up the ladies but at least he asked the greatest smother of all time to help him out and all it took was some ‘Mom time’.

I don’t think there is a better comedy on television that gives you the feels at the same time AND takes you back 30 years into the past. Somehow each season keeps getting better and better and better and Magic Is Real was no exception. Just be on the lookout for the Cuddle Coyote while you enjoy all of the best moments from The Goldbergs!

5. Fireball Island

Admittedly, I have never played this board game but it looked so friggin’ cool that I absolutely had to include it as one of our best moments. I mean, look at this thing:

Fireball Island

Seriously though, that board game looks amazeballs! Plus, this was a two-for-one deal because I also want Adam’s Back To The Future t-shirt. This kid’s got it going on with all these awesome tees! Keep ’em coming!

As per usual, I’ve also included the classic, and ridiculous, ’80s commercial for the game. Was there a cheesier decade? Absolutely not.

4. The Cuddle Coyote

Beverly Goldberg literally just did the greatest thing ever by anointing herself as ‘The Cuddle Coyote’. This had absolutely nothing to do with the main plot of the episode, it was simply just awesome. See for yourself:

The Cuddle Coyote

Beverly Goldberg is hands down the greatest ’80s mom in existence. That is all.

3. David Copperfield

Before David Blaine and Criss Angel, there was David Copperfield who ends up being a major influence on Adam who is trying to win over the ladies. The poor kid is feeling a bit lonely now that him and Dana broke up but at least he was in better spirits after watching David Copperfield walk through the Great Wall of China. Lookin’ good, Goldberg:

Magician for Hire

I’m also sure everyone will remember when Mr. Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear. Magic is totally real, right?!

2. Another Bev ‘F’ Bomb

Adam decides that he’s going to need to do some sucking up to his smother so she’ll buy him all sorts of magic-related props. He implies that they’d get to spend way more time together practicing magic and Bev’s reaction was priceless.

"OK, don't f@#$ with me here."

The Cuddle Coyote can’t even believe the words coming out of Adam’s mouth but obviously his plan worked like a charm, at least temporarily. These Bev ‘F’ bombs will never get old. Never.

1. Barry’s Business Ideas

Billion entrepreneur Barry, on his quest to keep up with his friends who are all planning on going to college, comes up with some of the most ridiculous, and hilarious, business ideas ever. I suppose the reverse microwave would be a good idea if it wasn’t EXACTLY LIKE A REFRIGERATOR! Classic Barry.

Reverse Microwave: "Makes things colder."

I compiled a list of all of Barry’s inventions, none of which were even remotely innovative or intelligent (but at least they were funny).

  • Reverse Microwave – Makes things colder
  • Fingerless Gloves – How about just fingers
  • The Front Pack – The backpack you’re wearing wrong
  • A House For Upscale Birds – Yup, that already exists

Anyone wanna put these on Kickstarter? I’m so down.

It was yet another magical episode of The Goldbergs, pun totally intended. I don’t think I have ever experienced this before but somehow Beverly Goldberg was able to be my mom at the ending of this episode. We all go through break-ups, and believe me when I say they are tough as f@#$, and somehow Beverly Goldberg, a fictional television character, provided me with comfort when she tells Adam that there is plenty of magic in the world. Beverly Goldberg is the most definitely the mom we all wish we had and if you’re lucky enough to have a Bev, make sure you appreciate her every single day! Let us know your favorite Goldberg moment in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow ’80s magicians!

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