The Goldbergs Best Moments: ‘Rush’

The Goldbergs Best Moments 'Rush'

The Goldbergs rocked out to some Rush for the appropriately titled ‘Rush’ with Erica getting the hots for Johnny Atkins and Barry becoming Bev’s new favorite son. The ’80s references were in full effect for this one and there were so many good moments from this episode that it was hard to determine which ones were my favorites because every minute of this episode was pure awesomeness. Plus, Adam’s totally epic birthday party is the kind of thing that makes you immediately utter the words ‘Holy Balls’!

Rush is a pretty awesome Canadian band so I was thrilled to see an entire episode centered around them, especially the inclusion of Tom Sawyer. Also, we can add Adam’s Andre the Giant T-shirt to the list of must-haves because that was one bad ass wrestling tee!

Now let’s get to all of the best moments my fellow schmoopaloos. Enjoy!

5. Jeff’s Haircut

Jeff is trying to impress Erica yet again and this time he’s got a ‘Flock of Seagulls’ inspired haircut to try to impress her. Of course, Flock of Seagulls is so last week.

Flock of Seagulls is so last week

Apparently Jeff had to use an entire jar of honey for this hairstyle and also had to fight off bees all morning. We’ve all tried to impress the ladies in some way or another but I can’t say I’ve ever tried anything quite like this. Props to Jeff for trying so hard though.

4. Erica’s Reaction To Rush

Rush is pretty awesome but what was even more amazing was Erica’s reaction when she first hears Tom Sawyer blaring on Johnny Atkins car stereo:

Erica loving Rush

After listening, Erica emerges from her musical cocoon and becomes a rock ‘n roll butterfly and Johnny is totally feeding on it.

Johnny singing Rush

Admit it, you’ve totally lip synced your favorite jam just like Johnny. Surprisingly, Rush had such an impact on Erica that she starts making out with Johnny and doesn’t even know why. I could not stop laughing.

Eventually, Erica gets her besties hooked on Rush too and, once again, their reaction was perfect.


3. Bev’s ‘Best Son’ Trophy

Every parent has a favorite son or daughter and, in Beverly Goldberg’s case, Adam is her schmoopaloo (which is also the best word ever)! She decides that it’s time to switch things up and gives Barry the honor of being her favorite son which totally comes with this rockin’ trophy:

Bev's 'Best Son' Trophy

Thankfully my mom didn’t have a trophy like this but regardless, I’m definitely not the favorite. Barry is thrilled about the news but eventually comes to the realization that this is not going to be as fun as he thought. His reaction upon realizing this was priceless:

Barry's reaction to becoming the favorite son

Also worth mentioning was this amazing reference to Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler juice box:


If you grew up in the ’80s, you were definitely drinking these unless you were totally uncool. As usual, I’ve also included one of the original commercials for this super popular kid’s drink:

Do kids these days even drink from juice boxes? I have no idea but I’m certainly glad that I did.

2. Erica’s Gaggy Face

Erica’s new obsession with Johnny Atkins has her father and her friends in an uproar. Lainey suggests that she needs to end up with a nice guy like Barry and Erica’s gag-filled reaction was epic in every way:

Erica's gag face Part 2

Ya, there was a lot of gagging going on so I decided to make a second gif:

Erica's gag face Part 2

Obviously Erica’s obsession with Johnny would eventually come to an abrupt end but watching her friends, family and Mr. Glascott the guidance counselor intervene was great, especially because Mr. Glascott is completely cuckoo. That said, we can definitely order some wings to go with the pizza!

"Eating with your hands is fun!"

1. The Most Epic Middle School Party Of All Time

Adam finally comes to the conclusion that he’s never going to be able to plan his birthday party without his mama and so he brings back Bev to make it happen, mini-horse and all. Here were some of the highlights, starting with the ultimate Twinkie Tower:

Twinkie Tower

The costumes were phenomenal. Seriously though, where the hell do Adam and Bev find this stuff:

Epic Costumes

There were also gummy worm drinks…

Gummy Worm Drinks

…and, of course, no Goldberg party would be complete without a mini-horse with mini-shoes:

Mini-Horse with Mini-Shoes

This is a party I wish I could have gone to and I’m sure you wish you were invited too!

‘Rush’ was just another example of why The Goldbergs is so freakin’ awesome! I was literally in laughter for the entire episode and there were so many good moments that it was nearly impossible to land on just five. Watching Barry become Bev’s new favorite son was downright hilarious and I was feeling the beefy power throughout the episode. That’s some damn good chili, Mama Goldberg!

Plus, Erica’s all-girl cover band totally crushed it with their version of Tom Sawyer at the battle of the bands. I must find this version somewhere because this all-girl cover was pretty awesome. I’ll leave you with the original below so be sure to hit play and jam out. Also, let us know what all of your favorite moments were in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow ’80s rockers!

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