The Goldbergs Best Moments: ‘Smother’s Day’

The Goldbergs Best Moments 'Smother's Day'

Happy Smother’s Day to all you mama’s out there! The Goldbergs celebrated mom’s everywhere and obviously this meant a whole lot of everyone’s favorite ’80s mom, Beverly Goldberg! In classic Goldbergs fashion, Barry and Erica completely drop the ball by forgetting about mother’s day but it all worked out in the end when they completely destroyed Beverly’s kitchen. It’s the thought that counts after all!

Plus, we even got some love for the father’s as well after Adam and Murray shared a memorable moment that ultimately resulted in Adam getting to go to Space Camp, every kids dream vacation in the ’80s! There was so much ’80s epicness crammed into this episode that I don’t even know what to do with myself. Is there any possible way to travel back in time to this amazingly simpler decade? I know I’d go back in a second and so should you!

Now let’s get our dance on just like Barry’s dancing can of Coca-Cola and enjoy all of the best moments from The Goldbergs very special Smother’s Day episode!

5. Space Camp: The Best Gift Ever

Obviously with a title like that, you just know Adam is involved only this time he’s asking his old man for a one-way ticket to Space Camp! I never did see this movie but if I had been a bit older at the time, I probably would have been all over space camp myself! Because space is totally cool! As per usual, I’ve included the original trailer. It totally screams ’80s and is a reminder of why The Goldbergs kicks ass when it comes to reintroducing nostalgia into our lives.

Of course, Adam’s video has to be one of the best moments from Smother’s Day if only for this amazing gif:

Reach For The Stars

How can you not love Adam’s enthusiasm?! It’s contagious so I’ll see you all at Space Camp!

Space Camp

4. Mom Coupons

Yup, Erica and Barry forgot all about Mother’s Day so it’s time to do some improvising with these amazing gifts for Beverly:

Mom Coupons

What made this even funnier is when it completely backfires in their faces when Bev decides to use every single one of her Mom Coupons at once…the ultimate smothering and classic Bev! Yup, she saved them all for a rainy day and a STORMS a coming!

What have we done?3. This Is My Hell

Like those trademark Beverly Goldberg F-bombs, it appears that Erica started a brand new trend of her own. For all the wrong reasons, of course!

Erica gagging because of Bev's feet

Seriously, how great (and funny) are these gagging expressions. Apparently applying nail polish on her mama’s feet is a little too much which is why you should never give your mom a coupon for whatever she wants on Mother’s Day, even if you’re only ten and just want to go play!

2. Adam’s Reaction to Space Camp

Adam was getting absolutely nowhere with his father and it was looking like his dreams of going to space camp were about to be shattered until he decided to get Pops involved. He was also able to dig up Murray’s favorite childhood toy, which ultimately led to this amazing gif:

"I'm sending you!"

Watching both Adam and Maury’s faces light up at the same time was pure perfection and I couldn’t stop laughing at their reaction.

1. A Maury Goldberg ‘F’ Bomb

A Beverly Goldberg ‘F’ Bomb on Mother’s Day just doesn’t seem appropriate and, even though I was half expecting Bev to completely drop one on Erica and Barry, it was Murray’s turn for the action. Well, kind of…

"I'm pretty sure it's stupid as F@#$!"

Introducing Maury Goldberg, ladies and gentlemen! Once again, The Goldbergs was keeping the F-Bomb tradition alive only this time it was Murray’s childhood toy that kept it going! I simply cannot get enough of these every week and it’s one moment that I now look forward to with each episode!

And since this was such a special mom-themed episode, I’ve included some bonus best moments because there was just too much to love!

Adam’s Nintendo T-Shirt

A Nintendo T-Shirt and an Alf puppet in one shot? This has ’80s written all over it and I seriously need to start up an Adam Goldberg t-shirt collection because these shirts are DA BOMB!

Nintento T-Shirt and Alf Puppet

Space Martini

I have no idea where Pops got this costume but this was beyond hilarious. I will definitely drink to that and so should you!


Gyrotron 2000

If you grew up in the ’80s, then you probably remember the Gyrotron!

Gyrotron 2000

I definitely remember these things but, unfortunately, I never had the luxury of ever being able to give it a go. Based on Adam’s reaction though, that may have been for the better.


Smother’s Day was another brilliant episode. Once again, The Goldbergs was able to find the perfect balance between the best of the ’80s and a new, original story to go with it. The ending was absolutely perfect and I can relate so much to Beverly’s reaction when her children destroyed her kitchen. As kids, my little brother and I would attempt to make our smother breakfast in bed every mother’s day, and I’m pretty sure the same thing that happened to Barry and Erica happened to us. It’s just another moment that made me relive my childhood and another reason I love this show so f@#$ing much! And with mother’s day fast approaching, everyone be sure to give your mom TONS of huggies and snuggle wuggles, I can pretty much guarantee she will appreciate every second of it!

Be sure to let us know all your favorite moments from Smother’s Day in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow ’80s space jammers! And a big thank you to all the smother’s out there! We love you 🙂

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