The Goldbergs Best Moments: ‘Weird Al’

The Goldbergs Best Moments 'Weird Al'

The Goldbergs got weird in a good way with an episode revolving around Weird Al Yankovic. I can’t say that I remember him from the ’80s but it’s always a pleaseant surprise to see someone whom I remember from the ’90s show up on this show. Weird Al himself made a cameo appearance and his glasses totally look so much bigger in real life! Of course, Adam’s girlfriend is not exactly into Weird Al, leaving Adam and Dana arguing like an old couple throughout the episode. There was a ton more ’80s references too!

So let’s get to all the Goldbergs best moments from Weird Al, just be sure to grab yourself an Ecto Cooler first and enjoy, fellow ’80s rock stars!

5. Adam’s ‘Weird Al’ Costume

Considering the title of this episode is Weird Al, it probably should have been obvious that Adam was going to dress up as Weird Al and attempt to create his own parodies. Unfortunately for Bev, Adam does not have that disease that makes you stay young forever but he should probably try to grow out of this:

You Are So Weird

4. Pogo-Bal: A Sport For Lovers


If you existed in the ’80s and don’t remember the Pogo-Bal then your childhood must have sucked. I remember these things showing up all over the playground at school but what I really don’t understand to this day is what exactly your supposed to do with it other than bounce around like a moron.


Adam should totally start saying “Pogo Balls” now instead. We probably should have all seen this coming from the fact that Pogo-Bal spells ‘Ball’ with only one ‘L’! What the balls is up with that?! Or should I say Bals? Regardless, if you don’t remember Pogo-Bal, be sure to check out this hilarious ad promoting the toy. Ah, the ’80s….where literally everything was messed up.

3. Murray Throws Barry’s Rage Pillow

Barry and Erica make a bet to fix a depressed person’s brain and, obviously, that person is Murray. Also Barry, for some reason, decides to call his pillow the ‘Rage Pillow’ which Murray proceeds to “rage back” on Barry. Can’t explain it better than this gif:

Rage Pillow

2. Mr. Glascott Is Crazy

Tim Meadows is freakin’ hilarious in his role as Mr. Glascott and even breaks out his hand puppet parrot to prove to us all that he’s pretty much cuckoo. It’s definitely time to take a personal day:

“If you guys don’t mind, I need to take a personal day.”

1. Bev Gives Her Dad An ‘F’ Bomb

Well it was only a matter of time before Bev told her dad to shut the F up and all it took was Pops giving some great advice to Adam. He’s totally right, you won’t get over one girl until your under the next. Classic Goldbergs!

“Whoa! Shut thef@#$ up, dad.”

Weird Al was filled with some great ’80s references, especially those idiotic Pogo Bal’s. Plus, I loved watching Bev and Weird Al square off in a rhyme battle. The Goldbergs have been totally killing it this season and I know there is still lots of ’80s goodness to come. Hope you enjoyed all the best moments from The Goldbergs and be sure to follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for all the latest on The Goldbergs, which is totally something I would not have ever written if this was still the ’80s.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Weird Al songs which also probably has something to do with my obsession with Jurassic Park. Wrong decade, I know, but it’s an awesome tune and I had to share. Enjoy!