The Leftovers: ‘A Matter Of Geography’ Review

 New Beginnings

This episode was all about change and we finally got to see how Kevin, Nora and Jill ended up in Jarden, Texas. After the events of last season when the Garvey’s neighborhood was practically burned to the ground, it was time to leave the past behind and start fresh. It’s never an easy thing to do especially when you’re literally left with nothing.

And that’s the thing about life. You just never know what is going to happen from one day to the next. Life is full of moments, whether happy or sad, but ultimately we are human and the end goal should always be happiness. Imagine being Nora…she literally lost her entire family in an instant. How does someone recover from such a terrible tragedy? There are so many situations that require us as humans to change. It’s never easy. For me, I fell in love with someone who ended up breaking my heart. It’s hard for me to understand how a person can go from being a best friend to just being gone, no longer part of your life and not even caring to do so. But isn’t that the exact situation this series deals with? How we, as humans, react to people coming and going out of our lives. Trust me when I say it definitely sucks and when Kevin was sitting in the middle of his neighborhood, now a pile of ash, it makes you realize that we all go through some tough changes in life and it’s okay that these changes can be hard to deal with.

I once again loved the latest episode of The Leftovers, titled ‘A Matter of Geography’. Last week’s premiere focused strictly on the Murphy’s but this time around we got to see how the Garvey’s ended up in Miracle. And the ending literally left me breathless.

So let the mystery be and enjoy the review, fellow departed.

Putting The Pieces Back Together

We headed back to Mapleton to catch up with Kevin Garvey and we find out what happened after Nora found Wayne’s baby on the Garvey’s doorstep. This scene was beautiful in every regard. Kevin just comes clean and tells Nora and Jill exactly what happened to Patti. This series does a fantastic job about making us feel for the characters and I can’t help but feel for them here. One scene and I’m crying and laughing at the same time, it’s a thing of beauty, it really is.

Nora and Kevin end up adopting the baby, whom they named Lily, and it looks like they’re starting a new family together. This series is about moving on and starting over after all. Things happen in our lives that can literally change everything. These events change the way we feel towards things, towards others. About love or about happiness or about humanity. For Kevin, his entire neighborhood was burned to the ground and he lost his wife in the process. For Nora, she lost her entire family in the blink of an eye when the departure occurred. And now, these two are trying to make sense of everything all at once.

Nothing Left To Lose

Meanwhile, Jill gets together with her brother Tom and we’re reminded that it was Tom who left the baby on the porch. You’ll remember from last season that the child was the son of Wayne, who allegedly had some mystical powers. Does this mean Lily is special? I’m thinking yes and I hope we learn more about this going forward. Tom does not want Jill to tell Kevin and Nora where the baby came from and Jill hesitantly agrees to keep the secret.

Nora gets an offer on her house and it’s 4X the listed price simply because she was an anomaly when the departure took place. It’s a matter of geography and the buyers want to study the departure. They suggest that if Nora had been sitting at the table with her family, she may have also disappeared with her family. It’s also implied that this insane event may happen again…because why wouldn’t it. Interesting theory here but it doesn’t explain much. Do I believe that Nora would have vanished too had she been sitting at the table? It’s doubtful but still an interesting idea.

Kevin, meanwhile, felt guilty about Patti’s death and ends up digging her body up. He also purposely gets himself pulled over and admits to having a body in the trunk. Kevin is then questioned by the police, where he explains how Patti ended up killing herself and they let him go, no questions asked. Then, Kevin gets in his car only to find PATTI. And she says what we’re all thinking at this point:

What the fuck was that?

I think it’s obvious that Patti is not actually alive but rather Kevin is slowly losing his mind after witnessing her death. Kevin’s father also was back and he’s out of the mental hospital and ready to start a new life in Australia! Sounds like a plan to me. He says to Kevin that “he loves this town but now everywhere I look, all I see is what’s gone.” And instead of sitting around and crying about how the world fucking ended, he’s gonna start it up again and I’m all for it. I think it’s ultimately this conversation that pushes Kevin to ask Nora and Jill if they want to get out of town. And that is exactly what they end up doing.

Miracle National Park

The song that was playing when they arrived in Miracle was also stunning and beautiful. I really have nothing bad to say about the new season so far. The scenery, the music, the acting, the story…all breathtaking. The track is called Take It All by Ruelle and I have included it below:

The Garvey’s arrive in Miracle and there is a camp set up outside of Jarden. It looks like a hippy-type camp and someone asks Kevin if they have wristbands to sell them. Apparently people really want to get into this town. Things get weirder when they’re asked to put the family dog in quarantine which probably explains his absence last week when they met the Murphy’s. In fact, I completely forgot about the family dog.

As it turns out, the Garvey’s rental property has burned to the ground, much like Mapleton, and I’m already thinking that could be a sign of things to come. So Nora ends up at an auction where they are bidding on houses and she ends up winning on her three million dollar bid. Of course, the house is not worth this amount of money because nothing seems to be working properly. First, Kevin attempts to light a cigarette using the kitchen stove but can’t seem to get it working.

Fire Hazard

After this happens, Kevin ends up getting his head slammed into the stove by Patti. I have no idea what is going on here because Patti is definitely not alive. But did Kevin really do this to himself? That might be a little hard to believe but I don’t think there are any other possibilities.

I thought it was awesome that the entire premiere was seen through the perspective of the Murphy family and this week we got to see what happened to the Garvey’s and Nora leading up to their arrival in Jarden. Even Patti says, ‘it’s hard to tell if they’re part of your story or you’re part of theirs.’ Ain’t that the truth. Kevin is still pretty upset about his new three million dollar house, however, and he reaches his breaking point when they head home from the Murphy’s birthday party and a lightbulb explodes. Kevin loses his cool about the house and says to Nora that this wasn’t the plan. But Nora feels safe in Miracle and Jill suggests that he better not fuck this up. Good advice, Jill. I think Kevin is onto something when he suggested that it might not be safe in Miracle either. Wristbands can only do so much.

"Then why do we have these awesome wristbands?"

Personally, this was a touching moment. I can’t help but feel terrible for Nora who has lost everything she ever had. She has to completely start over from scratch and I think we’ve all felt like this at some point in our lives. Obviously finding baby Lily was a turning point for her to help her deal with her loss but these things can take time. In fact, they can take a lot of time so I’m glad Kevin apologized for flying off the handle. Nora had pretty much given up on life after losing her whole family. It is one of the hardest things imaginable for someone to go through and even though time is supposed to heal us, the scars will always remain. I can relate to Nora on so many levels and I think her story is beyond powerful. Come on, admit you got the feels!

Making Up In Miracle

Of course, this show is also about the overlying mystery of the departure and things got super messed up at the end. Kevin awakes in the middle of the night only this time he’s sleeping with the fishes. Literally. Because Kevin wakes up in the same watering hole where Yvie and her friends disappeared last week. And things get even more fucked up when he finds a cinder block tied to his foot.

Cinder Block Party

So either Kevin was trying to kill himself (possibly because he’s losing his mind) or someone in Miracle is trying to kill him. And that final scene with Patti just coming out of the shadows and saying “Uh Oh” was pure perfection. She really didn’t need to say anything else to get the point across because it appears that Kevin is in big trouble.

Uh Oh

Did Kev have something to do with the girls disappearance? I don’t think he did but we’ll have to wait and see to find out. I’m hoping Kevin didn’t try to kill himself because of Patti since that would be too predictable. This season, however, has been absolutely epic up to this point. Out of everything that is on right now, I think I am the most intrigued by The Leftovers. The mystery of the departure is very unique, the characters are relateable and I am dying to find out what happens next. Even bringing Patti back into the fold has worked because she was such an awesome character from the first season. I am normally not a fan of bringing characters back from the grave but because this is Patti, I’ll make an exception.

So what did everyone think of A Matter of Geography? Did it make you want to move to Miracle, Texas? And do you have any theories about what in the hell is going on? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow departed.

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT
Mikey Likes It

I can’t get enough of this series. In my opinion, there is nothing better right now. I’ve been sucked into Miracle, Texas and I cannot wait to find out what is going to happen. Obviously there is something going on in Jarden and we have a lot of questions already. Where did the girls end up? What is causing those earthquakes? Why do dogs have to get quarantined before being admitted into town? And how in the hell did Kevin end up at the bottom of the waterhole with a cinder block tied around his foot?

The other thing I really loved about this episode was the emotion. Kevin, Nora, Jill and pretty much everyone else is trying to start over after the tragedy that struck the town of Mapleton last season. It was only fitting that we saw our characters trying to start a new life and leave the past in the past. So whether your starting a new job, entering a new relationship or grieving the loss of a loved one, sometimes the best things in life are a new beginning and that is truly what this episode was about.

Points were awarded for every single thing that Patti said because I swear it doesn’t matter what her lines are, she always delivers. And while I don’t like the fact that Kevin is hallucinating her existence, she has such a way with words that I’ll let it slide.

Lastly, check out the promo below to see what’s in store for the remainder of the season. We know that we’re going to have let the mystery be (since it is certain that the writers are not going to try to explain the departure) but I am dying to unravel the story of Miracle, Texas and so should you.