The Leftovers: ‘No Room At The Inn’ Review

The Leftovers 'Groundhog Day'

“I don’t want your wristband.” -Matt Jamison

The Leftovers switched things up again and this time the story was centered around Matt Jamison and his wife Mary. As usual, it was exceptional storytelling and I simply cannot get enough of this series. Every episode seems to focus on a specific set of characters and this appears to be working wonders as the second season has seen some of the best stories ever told. And while the overall plot hasn’t advanced much further, these character-centric episodes allow us to relate more to the characters and actually care about what they are going through.

It was another depressing episode with no happy ending in sight but that is what makes this show tick. It feeds off of tragedy and provides us with raw emotion every week. I mean, between The Walking Dead’s Morgan-centric episode and this, I am officially an emotional wreck. The Leftovers is all of your basic emotions….happy, sad, angry, excited, nervous….on steroids. I don’t even know how the writers can do this to us every week but I’m soooo on board. I feel a connection to almost every single character and that’s an absolutely amazing thing to pull off. And what was with all the goats? First, Tabitha on The Walking Dead and now a goat-related car accident in The Leftovers. Apparently, goats are a popular farm animal.

Even without learning anything new about the disappearance of Evie and her friends, Matt’s story in Miracle was another emotional rollercoaster. His poor wife Mary, how can you not feel bad for the both of them. You can tell that Matt loves and adores her, a love that most of us spend our entire lives looking for, and she’s stuck in this comatose state. I wanted her to wake up so badly, that’s how good this show is at making you feel the emotions that are going through each and every character. And that was exactly what No Room At The Inn was all about. Enjoy the review, fellow departed.

Same Shit, Different Day

The opening scene of Matt and his wife Mary had me thinking that something weird was going on to the point where I had to check and see if I wasn’t watching the same thing over and over again. They definitely took a page from the movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray ends up repeating the same day over and over again. This was no different with Matt trying to bring his wife out of her coma and repeating the same things he did on the day she woke up. Absolutely brilliant.

I should also mention that the soundtrack this season has been phenomenal as well and this episode was no exception. The track from the opening scene, Let Your Love Flow by The Bellamy Brothers, was a perfect jam and I really don’t think they could have made that opening scene any more perfect with Matt doing his routine over and over.

By the way, in case anyone is wondering what happened to Mary in the first place, her and Matt were in a bad car accident the day of the departure after they were hit by a car whose driver vanished and Matt has been taking care of her ever since.

At this point in the episode, you already can’t help but feel bad for the Jamison’s. Matt is clearly an amazing husband having taken care of his catatonic wife over the past 3 years. He loves her unconditionally and simply wants her to get better. Beautiful stuff from a beautiful man. We also know that Mary supposedly snapped out of her catatonic state one night after they arrived in Miracle. On the night in question, Matt ended up getting her pregnant which is obviously going to be a problem for him going forward as it now looks like he had sex with his wife without her consent since she can’t really give her consent.

The moment when Matt loses it for a brief minute and snaps on Mary was when everything started to change for the Jamison’s. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be in love with someone only to have them taken away like this…it’s absolutely depressing and tragic and makes me feel grateful for the things I have in my life. And you should be grateful too.

The Jamison’s leave town for a doctor’s appointment where it’s finally revealed that Mary is actually pregnant. More interesting was the fact that people are dead set on trying to get into Miracle and we witness these ‘runners’ making an attempt to break in. They were completely unsuccessful, however, with the cops easily putting an end to their efforts. Is it just me or does it seem like there are no miracles in Miracle? I feel like everything has just been a coincidence although I’m not really sure I can explain why no one departed from this town. That’s a mystery in and of itself and I’m not even sure we’ll ever get an answer.

Matt is having a terrible day and it all starts when he drops his phone in the toilet by accident. While I have never done this myself (thank god), I know this happens more often than you’d like to think. Maybe we should stop trying to use our phones while we’re taking a piss!

When you're just having one of those days

After finding out that Mary is pregnant, Matt is in disbelief because apparently they couldn’t have children. At this point, it’s not looking good for Matt since no one is going to believe him when he tells people she conveniently woke up for one night and he got her pregnant. Obviously people are going to assume that he had sex with her while she was in this vegetative state which would obviously be creepy as fuck. Part of me wants to believe Matt but we haven’t seen Mary awake yet and I’m quite certain the reverend might be hallucinating.

On the way back to Jarden, Matt stops to help someone whose car broke down but he’s literally bashed in the head with a wrench for his troubles.

Colonel Mustard with the wrench

Colonel Mustard and his son steal the wristbands from Matt and Mary and that’s when shit really starts getting weird. Mary starts talking again from the car and she tells Matt that he needs to get them back into Miracle or she’s going to lose the baby. Wait, WHAT?! Is she really talking or is this all in Matt’s head? Again, part of me thinks Matt is going crazy especially considering he was just hit in the head with a wrench. In fact, I don’t think Mary was ever conscious…I mean, look at this:

Hittin' That Mary Jane

I’m fairly certain that she was in a vegetative state the entire time. And just a thought here, but given that her name is Mary, is it possible that Matt wasn’t responsible for getting her pregnant in the first place? Maybe this is somehow tied to the virgin Mary from the Bible, anything is possible with this show after all and if the Jamison’s could not physically have children, how the F could she get pregnant in the first place. Something to think about.

Spank Your Way In

On the way back to Jarden, the Jamison’s are forced to travel through the hippy camp of believers that are waiting for there chance to get into town. One of them, a Scandinavian dude with a hair bun, offers them a way back in. Matt turns him down since they already live in town but as it turns out, getting back into Miracle without those wristbands is a lot more difficult than expected. Matt gets as far as the Visitor Center but all hell breaks loose when some asshole in a suit stirs up trouble and a scuffle ensues. Mary’s reaction was the same as mine:

Mary relaxes while Matt gets beat up

The story gets even weirder when some random guy wearing shades tells Matt that if he doesn’t get them back inside, “he” will die. It was as if this random guy was talking to Mary somehow. What could possibly be going on though? Is Matt really hearing these things or has his own crazy mind convinced himself that this is what needs to be done?

Kevin and John finally arrive to help Matt but it’s still not looking good for the Jamisons. John is skeptical about Matt’s story about Mary waking up and we already have an idea of what John thinks about miracles and fortune telling. But just like Matt, I can’t help but to wonder what John’s deal is. Why is he such a dick to everyone and what happened to him? Matt calls him out on this and it was intense but we didn’t get any answers and John decides that he doesn’t want to help them after all. What a dick.

So how is Matt going to get back in town now? Well it all starts in that hippy camp village which is full of crazy weirdos. For a moment, I thought I was watching American Horror Story: Freak Show. First we were treated to the most innovative technique in massage therapy:

Can You Heel It?

Followed by the latest from Apple:

iWife...Coming Soon

She never says a word. And last but not least, let’s get naked:

Let It All Hang Out

Anyone plan on purchasing a taco from that place…because I’m thinking that might be a terrible idea. Matt is asked if he wants to free the naked guy on the taco truck but the only way to do so is by taking his place. If you already know what happens to Matt than you know this was important.

Matt finally finds the swede with the hair bun, Elmer, who wants $1000 to get both of them back into town. Matty agrees and off we go on a really fucked up journey through Hippy Town. Matt sees a giant cross set up and he immediately heads over, where he meets a woman named Sandy who wants him to smack a paddle over some dude named Reggie’s ass as hard as he can and say ‘Bryan’ while he does it. Yup, this actually happened.

"Will you please spank me?"

Obviously Matt agrees since he needs the money to pay the swede with the hair bun (that will never get old) and the fun begins.

Matt smacks some ass

This was all just really bizarre and that is what I love about this series. Why did this guy want to be smacked in the ass with a paddle? Who knows but it was entertaining.

Final Destination

After the whole ass paddlin’ thing, Matt is finally able to get access to Miracle thanks to the swede with the bun. The Jamison’s travel through a giant, sketchy drainpipe only to be washed away right back to the hippy camp. Money well spent.

The Fugitive

Still though, it looks like that would have been fun as hell! Wet N Wild Miracle, here we come!

Wet N Wild

And I loved this whole scene even more with Let Your Love Flow playing as Matt screams his way down the water slide. It was all brilliantly done. Of course, the Jamison’s are back where they started minus a wheelchair which was lost in the water. Luckily, however, Matt and Mary are found by Nora after returning back to the hippy camp and she smuggles them back into town in her trunk.

The ending of the episode played out perfectly though with Nora abruptly stopping the car after getting through the gates. It appeared the Jamison’s were busted but what really happened made my head explode.

That's All She Goat

You’ll remember the guy with the wrench from earlier. Well as it turns out, him and his son were in a fatal accident caused by goats. His son survived the crash and attempts to give back the wristband that ultimately ended up being responsible for his father’s death. That’s not all because Matt decides to stay behind and asks Nora to take care of Mary while he is away. He walks down a lonely stretch of road with the kid in hand and is confronted by John.

"Who the fuck is that?"

And Matt only has one thing to say and it was awesome:

“My wife woke up the first night we arrived in your town. It’s the only time in over three years she’s talked to me. And there may be no way to prove it but it happened and I will never say it didn’t. I don’t want your wristband. Mary found hers so she’s back where she belongs and I have no doubt that she will wake up again soon and when she does, I’m going to come back and you and I will have a talk. This boy needs help. His father’s dead.”

Matt is very confident that his wife is going to wake up and I’m really hoping she does. I have to admit, Janel Moloney is doing one helluva job playing Mary Jamison considering the fact that she has had practically no lines. I am thoroughly impressed with her performance as Mary because every time I see her, my heart breaks a little. I mean, how many people have the ability to pull that off without even speaking. Truly unbelievable.

My favorite part of the episode came at the very end with Regina Spektor’s Laughing With playing as Matt made his way out of Miracle. I really don’t think there is a more appropriate song for this show:

Matt, now with purpose, goes back to the hippy camp where the naked guy was being held in a pillory and Matt decides to free him because “it’s his turn.” And just watching how happy that guy was to be free, I couldn’t help but smile. So why is Matt doing this and for how long? I have no clue but something changed him after seeing the accident that killed the guy who stole his wristband earlier. He’s also very confident that Mary is going to speak again and I have this gut feeling he is right.


The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT
Mikey Likes ItNo Room At The Inn was a really bizarre episode of The Leftovers but it was still just as awesome as the rest of the season has been so far. I absolutely love how each episode focuses on a particular group of characters and the Jamison’s story was just as compelling as the Murphy’s, the Garvey’s and Laurie/Tom. The big question on my mind is how all of these stories are going to end up tying together in the end. And what is with this town? I mean, you got a hippy village of freaks camping on the outskirts, no departures and now Mary is pregnant.

We’re halfway through the season and the questions keep piling up! Will Mary ever talk again and will she give birth to a healthy baby? Who is this David Burton character in Australia and why is he claiming that he can’t die? Where did Evie and her friends go? How does this all tie back in with the pregnant cave woman from the premiere? Too many questions, not enough answers.

We are literally 5 for 5 in quality episodes of The Leftovers and Mikey has liked every single episode so far! Could it be a perfect season? Possibly. All I know is that this is a mystery that I love being involved with and I hope you guys have been enjoying the second season as much as I have.

So what did you think of No Room At The Inn? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments. Lastly, check out the promo for next week’s all-new The Leftovers, simply titled Lens. It looks like Erika is going to be in the spotlight and I am hoping we will finally learn more about that bird she buried. Thanks for reading, fellow departed.