The Simpsons: Tapped Out – We Want MOREEEEE CONTENTTTT!

Mikey Likes It! Actually, Mikey is freakin addicted to it! The Simpsons: Tapped Out is easily the greatest mobile game available right now, and I absolutely love it! With that said, I’ve been playing the game since it was released on Android, and it never gets old, simply because they always add more content to the game. Not to mention the fact that I’m a huge Simpsons buff—this family pretty much raised me! If this is a sign of things to come, I can’t wait for the release of some new future mobile games (anyone else all for a Family Guy or Futurama or South Park mobile game? ZOMG!!!).

I’ve been re-watching a lot of my old Simpsons DVD’s (mostly from the older seasons), and I have picked up on some great ideas with regards to new content that I think should be added. I’m going to outline a couple of my ideas, as I think they would make great additions into the game—so any ideas for tasks, buildings, quests or characters you can find here. And I will have lots more to come in the future.

My Top 5 Must Have’s


Lionel Hutz | I Can’t Believe It’s A Law Firm

Lionel Hutz is a must have character for myself. And of course, his law firm, “I Can’t Believe It’s A Law Firm”, would be a great building addition to the game (plus, think about how many times the Simpson family ends up in court!!!).

As for tasks, the possibilities are endless, but here are a couple of my ideas: negligently defend clients; buy pants (if you don’t remember this episode, he literally shows up to court pantsless); call surprise witnesses; sell real estate; attend AA meetings—the list goes on.  I also think the character should be a part of a new level rather than an event or a premium item. Of course, we’d also need to see Judge Snyder and the Courthouse to really advance his quest, and this could easily make up an entire level!

And of course, my personal favourite Lionel Hutz quote from a conversation with Marge from the episode “Marge in Chains” (Season 4, Episode 21):

Lionel Hutz: Now don’t you worry Mrs. Simpson, I… uh-oh, we’ve drawn Judge Snyder.
Marge: Is that bad?
Lionel Hutz: Well he’s had it in for me ever since I kinda ran over his dog.
Marge: You did?
Lionel Hutz: Well, replace  the word “kinda” with the word “repeatedly” and the word “dog” with “son”.

That one still makes me laugh!!! Good ole Lionel Hutz, you are still missed Mr. Phil Hartman RIP (and for those that don’t know, Phil Hartman was the voice actor who provided the voices of Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure).


Chester Lampwick | Gold House | Rocket Car


This character only appeared in one episode that I know of, “The Day The Violence Died” (Season 7, Episode 18), and just like the other Aspiration prizes in the game (the escalator to nowhere, popsicle stick skyscraper and 50 ft. magnifying glass), I think this should be the 4th one added (and the first to include a character).

Plus the idea of the “Gold House” is consistent with the other residential houses in the game (i.e. Blue house, Pink house, etc.), and I think it makes for an absolutely epic addition to Springfield. Plus, who wouldn’t want a ROCKET CAR in their town!


As for tasks: Renege on painting a fence (for those that don’t know, Chester reneged on two deals in the episode—one with Krusty and one with Grandpa Simpson—to paint their fence and chicken coop respectively, with hilarious consequences of course); Relax in front of Gold House; Draw Manic Mailman; Wash rocket car. I also think his quest line should include an appearance by Lester and Eliza—Bart’s reaction to them showing up at the end of the episode was hands down awesome (Bart: “What the hell… is going on”???).

And a quote from Chester: “I don’t need any more money. I’m not greedy, as long as I’ve got my health, my millions of dollars, my gold house, and my rocket car, I don’t need anything else!”   You and me both Chester! 🙂


Kirk Van Houten | Southern Cracker Factory

Since Milhouse is in the game already, I think we definitely need to see Kirk sooner than later (and I think we all need to hear his infamous quote from the “Bart Sells His Soul” episode, “Shut up Shut up Shut up”).

Not only that, he could come with his place of employment from the series, the good ole’ Southern Cracker Factory. I’ll never forget the episode where Kirk takes Milhouse to the factory! Admit it, we’ve all secretly wondered how crackers get salted!!!

HAVE I!? 🙂


Now, some tasks for Kirk could include: sell ‘Can I borrow a feeling’ tape; Go on a date with Starla; take Milhouse to the Cracker factory (requires Milhouse); get divorced; play Pictionary at the Simpsons; sleep in race car bed.

And for those who don’t remember Starla, see the image below (Hint: She stole Kirk’s car and drinks while she smokes)!


Lastly, I think his quest line should involve Luanne and she would definitely need to be included in the game as well; I’ll be discussing her in a future post (and of course, don’t forget about Pyro and Gyro). The story should obviously revolve around the Van Houten’s divorce and reunion. Now please, take my hand with your glove of love!!!


Super Nintendo Chalmers |

I hope everyone got the Ralph Wiggum reference 🙂 Honestly, I strictly need Chalmers in the game so we can all hear him say “SKINNNNNNNNER”, it will never get old. I know we just got Agnes Skinner, so the odds of getting Chalmers soon are probably unlikely, but in the future I can only hope he gets added. He would likely have to be a standalone premium character though as he doesn’t really have any connections to buildings! I’m hoping someone out there has an answer to that one though! So hopefully this can get some discussion going: What building could Chalmers possibly come with? I really want to hear from people on this one. I’ve done a little bit of research and can’t seem to find anything associated with Chalmers, other then the fact that he apparently oversees a place called Waverly Hills!


Some task ideas: Eat steamed hams at Skinner’s; Superintend the school; protest having religion in the schools; trick Lisa to keep assistance grant for school (the fake comptroller was hilarious in this episode—for those that don’t remember, the episode is called “Lisa Gets An ‘A’, Season 10, Episode 7).

Fun Fact: I am hoping this is accurate but apparently Chalmers first ever appearance on The Simpsons was the Whacking Day episode! And sorry folks, I know most of us are still having nightmares– I still think snakes are in my town every time I see the unwhackable snake!!! Mikey dislikes snakes!


Vicki Valentine | Lil’ Vicki Valentine’s School of Dance

I’m saving the best for last, and while I know some people might not remember who this is, it is an absolute MUST for this game for what will soon be obvious reasons!!! Vicki Valentine apparently appeared in two episodes (one of which was in Season 22—“The Full Monty”, but I don’t quite remember this one). But her most memorable appearance took place in “Last Tap Dance in Springfield” (Season 11, Episode 20), and is famous for her “TAPA TAPA TAPA” line! By now, we all know where I’m going with this…. TAPPED out, lots of TAPPING…. TAPA TAPA TAPA!!!! Ms. Vicki Valentine, please enter my Springfield.

The only setback with this idea is that she is voiced by Tress MacNeille, who also does Agnes…. so that could make this impossible! But with that said, I think EA needs to reach out to some of these voice actors, I mean come on, how hard is it to use past voice clips! They can’t be asking for millions of dollars to use some voice clips!!! So get this done EA and get those voices in the game so we can hear some of our all time faves! –TAPA TAPA TAPA!!!! Agnes’ SEYMOURRRRR!!!! Milhouse’s EVERYTHING’S COMING UP MILHOUSE!!! And Krabappel’s trademark HA!!!! Just to name a few 🙂


Vicki could easily come with Lil’ Vicki Valentine’s School of Dance…. And as you can see above, I think it would be an awesome addition to Springfield! Plus it could give Lisa and Frink additional tasks (Lisa can tap dance at the School of Dance and Frink can invent the automatic tapping shoes)!

And some tasks for Vicki could include: Instruct dance class; perform tap dance show at Aztec theatre; admire past child star posters; teach Ralph tap dancing (at the Wiggum house); show off tap skills.


So those are my top 5 must haves—I tried to think a little outside the box and include character and building combinations that would fit nicely into the game and add awesome throwback quests for all us nostalgic Simpsons lovers. There are so many awesome characters out there, it is always hard to choose, but I have many more ideas coming in future posts including a great idea I have for a future event. If anyone has anything else they’d like me to write about, I definitely would like to hear from you, so let me know! Thank you readers and keep up the Tapa Tapa Tapping!!!! 🙂


“Spider Pig, Spider Pig, Does whatever a Spider Pig does! Does he swing, From a web, No he can’t, Cus he’s a pig…. Look Out! He is the  Spider Pig!!!!”