The Walking Dead: ‘No Way Out’ Review

The Walking Dead 'Playing With Fire'

The Walking Dead returned with its mid-season premiere and, while I was left somewhat satisfied with some of the events, there were still a lot of plot holes, especially considering how things wrapped up during the mid-season finale. Didn’t Sam start calling for him mom when that ended? Well, obviously this was never addressed and us viewers were expected to simply forget that that obnoxious kid was about to blow their cover. Don’t get me wrong, watching Sam eventually blow up the entire plan was satisfying in every way and it’s about time people started dying left and right but I wish the writers would have actually followed up on the previous ending from the finale.

The other awesome part of No Way Out involved lots and lots of fire, especially the kind that comes from an RPG. Daryl, Sasha and Abraham have me the most interested after they are stopped by a group of bikers who are obviously going to be the next threat. They even mention their leader, Negan, who is supposed to be one crazy mofo so I’m excited to finally see a brand new villain thrown into the mix.

I guess the only big thing that bothered me about this episode was how easy it was to extinguish the walker threat that was raining down on Alexandria. I mean, if the walkers are attracted to fire in the first place, why the F are you not lighting fires? I’m just going to pretend that no one knew this in the first place. At least we got to see Sam being eaten like he was a cookie. Enjoy the review, fellow walkers!

Rockets Red Glare

The premiere started off awesomely with Abraham, Sasha and Daryl being stopped by a biker gang who obviously have a connection with Negan, the newest bad ass villain that is about to make his way into our story. The biker gang confiscates all of their guns but clearly this group is hiding something with a lot more firepower.

The biker gang decides that they are going to have to search the vehicles but only sending in one guy with Daryl is an idiotic decision all around since, obviously, Daryl is a bad ass. And it’s a good thing since the so-called leader of this biker pack had every intention of shooting Sasha and Abraham between the eyes. Luckily though, Daryl decides that he’s hungry and that it’s time for some BBQ.

Biker BBQ

I was slightly concerned for Abraham and Sasha so I suppose the writers did a good job of making us feel the tension but I also knew that the group was hiding an RPG in the back of their vehicle and thankfully Daryl was able to take care of business by murdering seven people in one shot. I guess this is what it would look like when someone shoots a rocket at a group of people just like when you’re playing a game of Grand Theft Auto. Now can someone please reenact this scene on their Playstation or XBox and post it here? 🙂

“All that practice finally paid off!”

It’s rather unfortunate that we didn’t get to learn anything new about this group of people but I find this to be the most intriguing story going forward. Obviously, making seven people simultaneously explode is not going to sit well with Negan. So basically either Negan and his Saviors are going to be making an attack on Alexandria in the not-so-distant future or our entire group is going to leave Alexandria and run into them along the way. Either way you slice it, a confrontation between these two groups is inevitable. But before any of this can happen, it’s time to get rid of some of that dead weight.

Green Eggs and Sam

For whatever reason, the show decided to completely ignore the entire way the mid-season finale ended and my head immediately felt like this:

My Head Hurts

Seriously, what in the fuck show?! Last time I checked Sam was all screaming for his mommy and attracting all sorts of walker attention. Instead, this was all completely ignored and our group of idiots continue to make their way through the walker crowd like nothing happened. Why did they just ignore this completely I have no fucking idea but this is The Walking Dead, where the writers think they can just ignore things they have already aired (like that time Rick was being attacked by walkers in the RV which was never explained).

Rick decides it’s time for a new plan which involves rounding up all of the vehicles so they can round up the walkers. Seems like a pretty dumb plan to me and, as it turns out, I’m right because many people die at the hands of the walkers. Now, I’m not really sure how I was supposed to feel about three people getting eaten alive but I have to admit I was satisfied in every way as I watched the entire Anderson family become walker food. I’m not sure if that’s because the writers did a terrible job of developing these characters or because I enjoy watching children get eaten alive. Either way…satisfaction all around.

First, Sam decides to be a complete moron and just stand around near some walkers. I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that Sam started freaking out because of Carol’s words about being eaten. Way to go, Carol! You indirectly scared the shit out of a little boy which inevitably leads to Sam becoming a delicious late night snack.

Green Eggs and Sam

Yup, the walkers are totally chowing down on some green eggs and Sam. So it looks like Sam now knows what it’s like to be eaten, just like his ant-covered cookie that he refused to clean up. This sets off a chain of events that ultimately leads to the entire Anderson family dying in the most horrific way possible. And yes, still complete and utter satisfaction.

This scene was actually straight out of the comics so I’m sure most of you comic book readers were excited to see this all go down. Jessie is in shock over the fact that Sam just had his face eaten and she ends up also getting devoured by walkers. The only problem, however, is she still has a firm grasp on Carl’s arm since he was trying to save her. Luckily for all of us, Rick still has that trusty hatchet and proceeds to chop Jessie’s arm in half so Carl can escape with his life. Well, I guess we know where Rick’s loyalties lie.

After this happens, Ron immediately goes insane and looks like he’s about to shoot a bitch up until Michonne intervenes in the most violent way possible. Yup, killing children and/or teenagers is totally cool on The Walking Dead.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

And I’m totally for this. Although in this case, I’m not quite sure Ron was even going to fire his gun although he probably was given the fact that he totally hates Rick and Carl’s guts. Still though, Michonne’s intervention ultimately leads to Ron’s gun going off anyways and Carl takes a bullet to the eye.

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

Whoa, Carl’s looking pretty bad ass now if you ask me. Of course, they still have those walkers to worry about…

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing 

Easily the most pointless aspect of this episode, and possibly the entire series, involved our lone wolf who has kidnapped Denise (who no one cares about) and is ready to get the hell out of Alexandria. I’m so pissed off about how pointless this entire plot was and it looks as though this is probably the last we will ever hear about these people.

So our lone wolf takes Denise with him and their plan is to run through the walkers when the coast is clear and leave Alexandria which is exactly what they proceed to do. I’ll be the first to say that this was a really really really dumb ass plan.

"Solid plan, right?"

And since this is The Walking Dead and there really is no use for this wolf dude anymore, he ends up getting bit while trying to save Denise from the walkers. Wait, what the fuck show? Why is this wolf dude all of a sudden trying to save people he was trying to murder only one episode ago. Let’s be honest here, this was all very pointless and literally made no sense because this wolf dude was not ever going to go out of his way to save any of the people in Alexandria. And this is a perfect example of why I hate almost every character in this series. They always seem to do the exact opposite of how they are SUPPOSED to react based on what we know about them and this is a perfect example because no way our wolf friend sacrifices himself to help Dr. Denise. Dumb all around, right?

Meanwhile, Carol is regretting the fact that she didn’t kill Morgan but as we all know Carol would never be able to kill Morgan on her own because Morgan is a total bad ass. But hey, at least Carol was able to get back at Morgan by shooting his prisoner to death while wolfie and Denise were trying to escape.

Then all fucking hell breaks loose once Rick makes his way back to the so-called Infirmary where Denise is going to have to remember everything she read in those medical books in order to save Carl. Luckily, Denise is super good at studying, possibly because that’s all she has done so far, and she saves Carl but obviously not his eye. Then Rick decides that he’s super pissed off with the walkers and proceeds to make his way into the walker crowd with only a hatchet. Shit is about to go down!

The entire town decides to get in on the action and even Gabriel joins in on the fun with everyone hacking down as many walkers as they possibly can.

Meanwhile, a bunch of other dumb shit happened with Glenn and Enid searching the church for ammo. Glenn has a brilliant idea, and by brilliant I mean idiotic, to search in every single bible in case someone decided to hide their ammo in a hollowed-out book.

“Look what I found.”

Which apparently is exactly what someone did because Glenn is the luckiest fucker on this series. Also, does anyone even care about anything that these two say to each other? I don’t and either should you.

Glenn and Enid devise a plan to get Maggie to safety and, once again, Glenn almost dies because the writers love to make us think that Glenn is going to die which makes me think that eventually he will. All of these close calls are getting ridiculous in every way and I think it’s only a matter of time before they actually do kill him off fo’ real!

Instead, Abraham, Sasha and Daryl show up just in the nick of time and shoot the crap out every single walker in sight, saving Glenn from certain death. Not only that, Daryl decides that he totally loves shooting off his new RPG and lights up a small body of water in town that I did not even know existed. And it was totally bad ass:

Setting the World on Fire

Also, since when did walkers just decide that they really enjoy walking directly into fire? Seems like this might be a underutilized weapon if it was that easy. Did the walkers always enjoy a nice night out by the campfire? Or in this case, directly inside the campfire:

Sauna Night

So I guess all they had to do was light a fire and the walkers would basically walk directly into the flames, making everyone’s life a little easier. Of course, the people of Alexandria still had some fighting to do which made for one hilarious gif. I seriously cannot stop laughing at this:

Weird Zombie Attack Montage

Ya, I’m not even sure what to make of that but let’s roll with it! So after all of the fighting is over and things start to settle down, Rick is hanging out with Carl and hoping that he wakes up from his gunshot wound to the eye and our episode ends with Carl regaining consciousness. Obviously Carl was not going to die but I did appreciate that the writers decided to finally make this happen, just like in the comics.

“Hey Carl, you feeling a little short sighted?”

Now that the walkers are no longer a threat, all the wolves are dead and the entire Anderson family has been eaten alive, hopefully we can move on with the story and introduce some new bad ass villains for us to hate. I think it’s pretty obvious that the Saviors are not going to be all that happy when they find out that Daryl murdered seven of them in one hit. Yup, a lot of people died during the premiere and it was great!

The Verdict

Mikey Likes It

The mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead had some interesting moments but I think it was a little more of the same from a show with super high expectations. I’m still scratching my head as to why Sam screaming for his mom wasn’t addressed and instead they just skipped forward to Sam having a breakdown at the worst possible time. Way to go, Carol! You pretty much scared this kid to his death and thankfully the series is starting to trim down on some characters finally.

Sam getting eaten alive was everything I wanted it to be and more. He was one of the most annoying kids on the series, contributed absolutely nothing to the entire main story and never cleaned his room. While I’m not one to promote children getting eaten alive by zombies or impaled by machetes, I think this was necessary in every way and now we can finally move on to bigger and better things.

No Way Out definitely had some awesome moments but it also had some holes as well that were mostly caused by the first half of the season. I don’t even understand the inclusion of the wolves since they all ended up very dead. I guess it’s possible that they can bring this group back later but this really didn’t make much sense from a storytelling perspective. Plus, getting rid of the walkers by lighting a small body of water on fire was WAY too easy. I really can’t comprehend this because if walkers are naturally attracted to fire to the point where they just burn themselves to death, why weren’t these clowns using this against the walkers in the first place?

So what did everyone think of No Way Out? Was watching Sam and his entire family get eaten alive satisfying? Did you want to grab a hatchet and start attacking zombies? Or do you have a sudden urge to walk directly into a burning fire? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow walkers! Be sure to follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter for all your Walking Dead reviews and recaps. And be sure to check out the promo for The Next World, where it looks like we can finally move towards a brand new threat: