The Walking Dead: ‘The Same Boat’ Review

 The Walking Dead 'Murder, Carol Wrote'

“You’re the one who’s afraid to die. And you’re going to. You will die.” -Carol

The Walking Dead just introduced us to a whole bunch of new characters and then immediately killed them all off in ‘The Same Boat’. And it was awesome. Earlier, we followed Daryl and Rick as they went on an excellent adventure with Jesus and this time we caught up with Maggie and Carol for their bogus journey with the Saviors. It was an epic hour of television with multiple death scenes and, with the entire main cast surviving this hostage situation, I get the feeling that things are not going to end well by the time the season finale wraps up. There are still three episodes left and there is no way in hell that this is the last we have seen of the Saviors. Plus, I am Negan…and so are you.

We learned a great deal about this new group of Saviors before they were ultimately killed off but I still want more because I know there is a lot more going on with this group that we haven’t seen yet. Negan is still no where to be found but I can’t imagine that he’s a happy camper considering Rick’s group have mass murdered at least twenty of their people. Daryl alone was responsible for seven of those deaths in one shot…just sayin’! Still, the way things wrapped up at the end of the episode puts us right back to square one with the big question of what’s next.

The Walking Dead is finally giving us a story line we all want but it’s taking forever to get to the showdown we’re all drooling over. I can’t wait for Rick to finally come face to face with Negan and I just know some of our characters won’t be getting out of this alive now that they have basically started a war with the Saviors. If I was a betting man, I’d place all my money on Spencer not making it out of this season alive (since he’s the most useless character on the show) but I think things will change dramatically once this season comes to a close and some of our main characters could be in big trouble.

Now, let’s all get comfy in a safehouse full of walkers, light up a smoke and enjoy the review, fellow Walkers!

Some Kind Of Stupid

The Same Boat was all about Maggie and Carol who found themselves in a heap of trouble when another group of Saviors finds them in the woods and takes them hostage. The Saviors are also spying on Rick and the rest of his crew so they got on the walkie to initiate some good, old-fashioned hostage negotiations.


This group of Saviors is made up of Paula the red-head, Molls the grumpy grandma, Donnie the cripple and ‘Chelle the man-lady and they mean business but, as we all know, it would not end well for any of them because they’re fucking with the wrong sweet, old lady. Carol is nothing but bad ass behind that sweet exterior so these Saviors have no idea who they’re fucking with.

Rick offers the worst trade in the world which is quickly rejected by Paula since a 2-for-1 deal is not ideal for the group giving up 2. No Rick, it’s not a fair trade but nice try. Plus, did anyone else notice the arms on that ‘Chelle woman? It looks like she totally works out hard:

“Check out my man arms!”

I must admit, she’s pretty ripped and I wouldn’t want to mess with her. Unless, of course, I was with Carol. The Saviors put hoodies over Maggie and Carol and take them to a safehouse and it is becoming obvious that there are a lot more Saviors in this world as we see Paula talking to someone over the walkie during their road trip. Obviously Negan is out there somewhere and I am literally dying in anticipation to see this new threat finally show up.

They arrive at the safehouse which also looks like a place straight from the Saw movies and apparently the clean-up crew hasn’t been doing their job because this place is crawling with walkers. If you’re going to call this a safehouse, you probably should ensure that it’s actually safe first because this looks pretty fucking dangerous if you ask me:

"At least it's not raining."

Carol and Maggie are tied up and locked in a room and it was all very tense because we just don’t know how unpredictable these Saviors are. Luckily for Carol and Maggie, these particular Saviors are not the brightest and immediately LEAVE the room so Carol and Maggie can plan their escape. This is exactly what they do as Maggie instantly tries sawing off her restraints using the side of the wall. Meanwhile, Carol starts having respiratory problems at the worst possible time and I think I speak for everyone when I say it was annoying as fuck. See gif below:

And just uhh, breathe and stop...for real, and give it what you got

This totally gives that old Q-Tip song a brand new meaning, doesn’t it? I thought this was all part of Carol’s plan but it appears as though she might actually have breathing problems. Or maybe it is part of the plan after all since these Saviors are now going to think that she’s a religious, old kook who enjoys eating the Rosary:


Wait, WHAT?! Was Carol trying to eat that damn Rosary? Father Gabriel would be proud. Paula starts questioning whether Carol is afraid to die but we all know she totally doesn’t give a fuck about dying and Paula should be the one fearing death. I will say this though…I completely agree with Paula when she refers to Maggie as some kind of stupid for getting knocked up during the zombie apocalypse. Worst possible time ever to have a kid.

It’s also revealed that Molls, the old woman who loves smoking cigarettes in front of pregnant women, is totally dying of lung cancer which pretty much guarantees she isn’t going to make it out of this episode alive. Donnie is another one who is clearly not going to make it out alive after being shot by Carol but Paula is having none of it, that is until she gets punched in the face by crazy Donnie. Maggie comes to the rescue even though she’s tied up and almost gets herself killed until Paula intervenes and takes out her ally, possibly because he was being an unpredictable moron.

"You really are some kind of stupid."

Sometimes I think Rick and his crew are super lucky for always encountering the dumbest people this world has to offer and this was no exception.

They All Fall Down

Paula seems to think she has the upper hand with Carol but she obviously has mental problems since Carol is a fucking bad ass. Sorry Paula, but Carol is definitely not pathetic and she’s putting on quite the show for you. We also learn a bit more about the Saviors from a quick convo between Maggie and ‘Chelle. Apparently, the Saviors follow the ‘eye for an eye’ style of justice and ‘Chelle lost her pinky finger for stealing. In other words, there is no room for mistakes on Team Savior.

Carol tries to explain that they were just defending themselves when they decided to murder the entire group of bikers but Paula knows better. Negan can’t be stopped because they are all Negan and, just like Carol, I’m left wondering what in the fuck that means. Is Negan the leader of some kind of cult? Has he brainwashed all of these people? Are these people just bat shit crazy? I want answers.

We learned a lot about Paula though and she told us a story about the carrot, the egg and the coffee bean and how we should all strive to be the coffee beans since it’s the only one of those three that could change the water around it. Of course, Paula is no coffee bean.

"I wish I was a coffee bean."

Paula is, however, a deranged lunatic after she was stuck with her boss when the zombie apocalypse went down. She has completely lost count of how many murders she has committed but it won’t be long before she becomes a murder victim. How great was it to watch Carol basically tell Paula that she’s going to die if she doesn’t figure her shit out soon. Classic Carol!

All hell breaks loose when Paula realizes that Rick is lying to her about their location. She realizes there is no static on the walkie so they must be close and decides their best move is to hit the road. So either Carol and Maggie are not making it out of this one alive or these Saviors are in for a rude awakening and you should probably bet on the latter since Carol is one bad ass motherfucker! After once again leaving her alone (seriously, these people need to have a guard on duty at all time), Carol is able to break free in a matter of seconds but her and Maggie are not leaving until they take care of business.

First up on the agenda, tying Donnie’s reanimated corpse right beside the door so he’ll eat Molls for breakfast:

Cheeri-Molls: Part of a balanced breakfast

Molls survives the initial attack but is unable to defend herself against a crazy Maggie who much prefers using a gun to beat people to death:

Maggie killing Molls

I guess she really didn’t want to waste any ammo on Molls who was dying anyways. After taking care of old maid Molls, next up on the agenda is Paula who comes out guns blazin’. Unfortunately, she misses every shot and immediately runs out of ammo which leads to ‘Chelle coming to to the rescue. ‘Chelle is almost able to chop Maggie’s baby (and belly) in half but it was too little, too late because Carol does not hesitate.

Carol shoots 'Chelle in the head

And last but not least, Paula, the only one remaining survivor, ends up dying in the worst possible way because this walker totally loves eating the meat off of the cheekbone. Look away if you must:

You Cheeky Monkey

I guess Cheek meat is the most tender. With Carol and Maggie successfully murdering all of their kidnappers, Rick and the rest arrive but there is one last problem and it has nothing to do with Carol trying to figure out how many people she has murdered so far. Before Paula’s face was eaten, she made a call to some of her friends to meet them at the Kill Floor and that is where Carol is waiting so she can totally burn them all alive. Worst. Death. Ever.

Fire In The Hole

Carol is really taking this whole first degree murder thing seriously, isn’t she? Before finally ending this epic business meeting, there is one last thing that needs to be taken care of now that there is no longer any point in trading hostages. Rick gives Primo, their hostage, one last chance to answer some questions about Negan but just like everyone else, Primo decides to talk in riddles, suggesting that he’s Negan which we know he’s not and Rick is clearly just as sick of that response as the rest of us. Bye, Primo!

"What's for dinner?" Primovera

With that, everything appears to be wrapped up for now. The murderous attack on the Saviors base was a complete success with Rick and his group murdering every single Savior present and losing absolutely no one. They even got Daryl’s motorcycle back. As an added bonus, Carol and Maggie were also able to take out their own group of saviors. So what is next for our group? I imagine that Negan is not going to be too happy about all of this. Is he going to plan an attack of his own? Or will Rick and company head back to Alexandria to do some more relaxing? Let’s hope the killing continues or some of our characters may be in for a world of hurt.

The Verdict

Mikey Likes It

‘The Same Boat’ was definitely more of the same boat ride from Carol which is definitely not a bad thing. Maggie and Carol were in a pretty tough situation but it didn’t take much effort for them to escape from this particular group of Saviors and the murder spree continues. I am now wondering just how many Saviors Rick and his group have murdered in cold blood so far and you just know that Negan is going to be royally pissed about losing so many ‘Negan’s’. Plus, if that bulletin board of gruesome photos is any indication, I don’t think Negan is just going to lie down and surrender and I’m willing to bet he’s going to put up more of a fight than Paula. This is obviously a given since Paula was some kind of stupid.

With three episodes remaining, your guess is as good as mine with regards to where we’re heading next. I imagine everyone is going to go back to Alexandria now that they have taken care of this little Savior problem but I don’t think they should sit idly and wait around for the next attack. There are clearly more Saviors lurking in the woods and hopefully Rick and Jesus are smart enough to continue the assault.

I have this strange feeling that the writers are teasing something big. There have been so many close moments for a lot of our characters (I’m looking at you the most Glenn) but somehow they have all managed to survive (with the exception of the cookie-loving Anderson family). I still predict that Glenn will not be making it out of this season alive if only because he’s had the most close-calls so far and I think the writers did this strictly so we’ll be even more shocked when it finally happens. I’m calling it now…Glenn is walking dead.

So what did everyone think of ‘The Same Boat’? Are you ready to burn some Saviors alive in anticipation of the next episode? Or are you ready to have your face eaten by a walker just like Paula? Let us know all of your thoughts and theories in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow walkers!

Lastly, be sure to check out the promo for ‘Twice As Far’, where absolutely nothing is revealed about what is coming next. All we know is that the Saviors and Negan are going to be uber pissed and Rick and company should start preparing for the worst. Check it out:

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