True Detective: ‘Church In Ruins’ Review

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

True Detective gave us one of its best episodes yet in Church in Ruins and it simply ended way too soon. Ray’s meeting with Frank at the beginning of the episode was pure tension and Vince Vaughn and Colin Ferrell certainly have some great chemistry together. Not to mention Rachel McAdams and her trusty knife.

We seem to be rolling out some quality episodes as the season rolls on and with only two more left in the season, I think this was easily True Detective at its best. All of that character development appears to be paying off big time. Also, Ray is easily the best thing to appear on our television screens since Rust Cohle in Season 1.

So get on the Venga Bus because we’re going to a sex party and bring your best dance moves. Ray did! Enjoy the recap.

Face Off

Our episode begins with Ray and Frankie face to face at the kitchen table for a little chat to air out some dirty laundry and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Colin Ferell and Vince Vaughn have had some great chemistry this season and this was by far one of the best scenes. Ray gets straight to the point about the name Frank gave him years ago. As it turns out, the man in question was not the same person that raped Ray’s wife but Frankie seemed genuine when he explained to Ray that he had no idea it was the wrong person.

Staring Contest

Ray is upset and believes that he “sold his soul for nothing” but Frank responds by saying “if you were selling, it wasn’t me buying.” Great dialogue, great acting, and superbly suspenseful. I thought for sure this was going to end badly for someone but sometimes having a little chat about things can clear the air and that was exactly what happened. Also, there were guns…

Packin' Heat

Ray wants to know how Frankie got the name in the first place but all Frank really knew about the guy was that he was a scumbag. Luckily for all of us, both men come to their senses and realize that a shootout in Frank’s kitchen is probably going to end badly for both of them so they finally end up putting their guns away.

Once again, it’s all about the decisions we make in life that can have consequences years down the road. Trusting people is hard to do in this world and, like Ray trusting Frankie about the name on the piece of paper, sometimes trust is best left at home. Maybe that’s the moral of the story: don’t trust anyone. But without trust, what kind of world would we be living in. The big theme this season is that we get the world we deserve but do any of these characters really deserve what they got? That is probably a complicated question but I think that there is some truth in the fact that one life event can lead a person to making bad decisions down the road and Ray is a perfect example of this with the one life-changing event being the sexual assault on his ex-wife.

Ray and Frankie finally reconcile their differences. Frank still wants that hard drive back and Ray still wants to find his wife’s attacker. But easily the best line of the episode came here with Frank saying that Ray might be one of the last friends he’s got and Ray responding with “wouldn’t that be fucked up.” Indeed it would.

And it’s a good thing Ray kept his cool since Jordan was hiding in the back with a gun of her own.

Till Death Do Us Part

As bad as Ray and Frank might seem, I still believe they are the good guys in our story. Of course, I could be completely wrong about this but they have both come full circle.

Next up for Ray is a visit to the local prison to pay his wife’s attacker a visit, although he doesn’t truly know if this guy is actually the person responsible. I mean, his son is a red-head with freckles. I’m not scientist or biologist but I somehow don’t believe this:

Not the father?

I really don’t understand how this guy could be the attacker but maybe I’m wrong. Ray gives our convict a refresher about what he apparently did to his ex-wife and you can see the emotion flowing through Ray. Colin Ferrell deserves so much credit for actually making us feel what Ray Velcoro is going through. Every part of this scene was great if only for the words coming out of Ray’s mouth. I’d be scared if I was that guy after Ray says “if they don’t give you life, I will have every inch of your flesh removed with a cheese grater starting with your prick. I’ll cut off your nose and your lips. Your nuts too. And I’ll make sure you live.” Yikes!

Afterwards, Ray heads over for a visit with his son and it’s truly an awkward moment with the social worker supervising their visit. I loved when Ray asked her if she enjoys her line of work, as if this wasn’t already awkward enough. And while Ray thinks his kid is interested in those model planes, he’d rather watch some Friends.


I think Ray finally came to a decision during this moment so he cuts the visit short to do what Ray does best.

Get Fucked Up

And man, did he go all out.

Do The Ray Ray

Wicked dance moves! Of course, we find out the reason why when he makes a phone call to his ex-wife. Ray finally makes a decision to give his ex-wife what she wants and stay out of his son’s life under one condition. He doesn’t want his wife to tell their son about his real father and who can blame him? Finding out that you’re a product of a rape would be a tough pill to swallow for anyone. Sometimes the toughest decisions in life involve making a choice to cut off all contact with someone you love and that was exactly what Ray did here in order to save his son from learning something that could destroy him down the road. As much as Ray wants to be a part of his son’s life, he knows that this is a sacrifice he is going to have to make. An unbelievably difficult decision, but probably the right one.

And Frankie’s also still dealing with loss himself with the aftermath of his friend Stan’s murder. Him and Jordan visit Stan’s wife and we find out that Stan was a great father and a good man. This whole scene was all about loss and how difficult it can be to overcome. Vince Vaughn absolutely crushed this scene though. It was such a touching moment with some absolutely great dialogue.

“As bad as this is, as long as this is...this hurt. It can make you a better man. That’s what pain does.”

Pain and hurt. You use it right, it makes you better and stronger. Words we should all live by as hard as that can be when times are tough. Some damn good writing though and one of the reasons this episode was so effective. Emotions aside, however, things are about to get more fucked up.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico

We also got a lot more info about the Caspar case which is probably one of the most confusing, complex cases ever. There is so much going on that it’s sometimes hard to wrap your head around it all. Paul is still checkin’ up on those blue diamonds which were stolen during the ’92 race riots. So Paul visits a former cop who was involved with this particular robbery. It was a double homicide, execution style, and the victims’ children were hiding in one of the display cases, obviously having just witnessed the murder of their parents. Some very tragic stuff right there.

"I've seen some shit, man."

Clearly that one event had taken its toll on the former officer as he comes right out and says that “those kids fucked me up.” I also think he mentioned something about masks so these blue diamonds may actually be connected to the Caspar murder by the same people responsible for stealing these diamonds. It looks like our case is finally getting us somewhere.

Meanwhile, Ani is visited by her sister, Athena, who tells her she was able to get an invite to one of those sex party’s we’ve heard so much about. Also, Ani is a bad ass with a knife.

Bad Assery

Rachel McAdams is crushing it as Ani and I was super impressed with that knife work. There is something sexy about a woman wielding a knife, isn’t there?

Frankie also continues his investigation to find Irena, who was Lito’s wife. You’ll remember Lito was the bad dude who caused the tragic shootout a couple of episodes back. Frankie finally gets some info on her whereabouts after a little torture session with a nail gun.

Nailed It

The only problem is that the info provided leads Frankie back to the Mexicans who are still pretty pissed off about their current arrangement.

Mexican Stand-Off with Actual Mexicans

Frankie makes a deal with the Mexicans to find Irena and she ends up giving Frank a call. It’s revealed that a “thin, white cop” ended up giving her the stuff that was taken from Caspar and this is probably our killer! It took some convincing to get her to meet in person but she finally agrees. Needless to say, it was an all-around bad idea because this ended up being her fate:

Bad Decisions

The Mexicans also show up and inform Frankie that they have delivered what they promised. If I’m Frankie right now, I’m super pissed. Apparently the Mexicans killed her because she was supposedly working for the cops but Frank is obviously going to have to deal with these guys sooner than later.

The Venga Bus

We Like To Party

We’re about to board the Venga bus so in case you’re not familiar with the Venga Boys, you can check out their awesome ’90s hit below, so appropriate given the fact that Ani gets on a party bus headed for Orgyville:

But before that, our detectives finally meet up to figure out the best way to approach this whole sex party situation. So they come up with a plan but not before the most hilarious quote ever about where to stick the transponder! Ray: “Stick that somewhere….like in your shoe!” Classic.

Hangin' Around

Ani gets all dressed up and is lookin’ pretty damn fine. She’s all ready to board the Venga bus which her detective friends plan on tailing.

Bringing Sexy Back

Ani arrives at the party and it looks like it’s going to be quite the bash. They even have a buffet of pills for the ladies.

Nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple pills

Meanwhile, Paul and Ray are searching around the mansion for any clues. They find our Russian dude with some other random dude talking about investments and Caspar, so it’s pretty obvious they are somehow involved in all of this. Paul ends up breaking in and taking some contracts which could be a big lead in the case.

Back at the party, they also end up spraying some kind of mood-enhancing breath spray into the ladies mouths and Ani has no choice but to go along with it as to not blow her cover. After wandering around the party, she ends up finding the missing girl they’ve been looking for since the premiere and both of them are clearly in big trouble after Ani blows her cover in the most bad ass way possible:

Kicked in the Nuts

And if that wasn’t enough sexy bad assery for ya, she also put those knife skills to good work. Good thing too otherwise I don’t think she would have been getting out of this situation alive.

Cutting Ties

Ani is able to escape with Vera and Ray shows up with the getaway vehicle just in time and they hit the road with a full moon shining bright like a blue diamond! Absolutely epic ending and we should now have a ton of leads coming from not only Vera, our missing person, but also from those contracts Paul was able to find. Ya know, because they had “signatures”! Good times in Vinci as always.

Episode Rating: MIKEY LOVES IT

For the first time this season I did not want this episode to ever end. Ray has become one of the best characters on television, proof that Colin Ferrell is one hell of an amazing actor, and the face off at the beginning and the sex party at the end were gripping, tension-filled scenes that were epic in every way. With our missing girl Vera finally found, we should be getting a lot more info about the Caspar case and, with only two episodes remaining, we still have no clue who the guy in the crow mask is. The clock is ticking so we better get answers quick.

Now time to practice my knife-wielding skills! Hope you enjoyed the recap.

Next Week

Next Week

Next weeks episode, titled Black Maps and Motel Rooms, better have answers and that is all I can really say. We only have two hours left to wrap up this story so more shit better go down…or else! Now everyone do the Ray Ray and check out the promo below: