True Detective: ‘Down Will Come’ Review

Building A Mystery

Building A Mystery

It looks as though things are still moving pretty damn slow in Vinci…at least up until the end of True Detective’s last episode, titled Down To Come. The one thing this season has going for it, however, is a TON of unpredictability. And Ray…because everything that man says is damn genius! That said, the plot seems to be moving along at a snail’s pace up to this point and I’m getting quite bored with random visits to random places. Just start solving the damn thing at a quicker pace please! I’ll be forever grateful.

Of course, that shootout ending was one for the ages. Especially if you consider how it all went down. That’s definitely got epic fail written all over it and it should have some pretty massive consequences for some of our characters. Let’s hope the writers continue with the action that blew my mind, and yours, at the end of the episode.

Now enough of this monkey fuck…let’s check and see what color our mood rings are and get right into the recap. Enjoy!

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Our episode picks up with Frankie who is quite livid over his Avocado farm not producing. But that’s the least of his worries as him and his wife have a random discussion about having a child. Not quite sure if she is actually pregnant at this point but she appears to be worried about having a child given some complications from a previous operation. Regardless, if Frankie doesn’t come up with a new play, the dead avocado trees and the present from the stork are going to be moot points.

So Frankie does what any good gangsta would do…he goes to have a chat with some of his business partners, this time a cake shop. But this is not a meeting about cake…it’s a meeting about coke, crystal and “whatever the fuck they call MDA now.”

"Would you like some tea with your drug deal?"

Obvs with the Russians and Mexicans not helping, Frankie has no choice but to make this deal even if it means being threatened. All of these shady wheelings and dealings are bound to catch up to Frankie eventually but for now, he’s still the Tooth Fairy!

"Dental work is expensive.", "Good thing I'm the Tooth Fairy!"

So Frankie has been all over Vinci working on his “deals” with these so-called business partners and I can’t help but feel this is all going to blow up in his face.

I guess the one consistent aspect of this season has been Frankie and Ray’s bar meetings. It looks like Ray is back to drinking again and Frankie is back to his old gangsta ways. Frankie thinks it might be best to use Ray at full capacity since he’s planning some big shit but Ray declines his friendly offer. I have to admit, as much as I dislike Vince Vaughn, these scenes are great to watch. What does Frankie have planned exactly and how will Ray fit into the bigger picture? All I know is that after that ending, I have no idea what could possibly happen next.

"What the hell is going on?"

Better Call Paul

On the other side of Vinci, Paul ends up waking up to the smells of breakfast at his old fling’s place and he doesn’t really remember going there. It also looks as though he has a massive hangover:


Not really sure what the deal with all of this is but Paul is screaming the word FUCK when he’s chased away by some reporters. Yup, randomness.

Later on, Ray and Paul get together so Ray can cure Paul’s hangover since he has a lot of experience with that kind of thing. I have to admit, the entire first 45 minutes of this episode was a lot of filler but any time Ray is on screen, I’m listening. Paul and Ray are talking about life and it’s some deep shit. “You do what they say and it doesn’t matter. I’ve been listening to them for so fucking long that I don’t even know who I am. I just don’t know how to be out in the world” and Ray agrees saying no one does. Everyone has their own shit to deal with and this is what True Detective is all about. Ray is one helluva character so far and he always seems to say the right things at the right time…including this:

"Enough of this monkey fuck."

And Paul is thinking the same thing when his ex-girlfriend tells him she is pregnant and doesn’t believe in abortion. Yikes…life just keeps piling more shit on Paul’s plate. And now, all of a sudden, he wants to get married. This is a terrible idea. It’s pretty obvious that Paul is gay and should not be marrying anyone with a vagina…this can only end in divorce. But hey, what do I know?

The other noteworthy part involving Paul (besides the shootout at the end) was with this watch:

Time is running out.

The watch was stolen from Caspar’s and then pawned by a female and there’s a tape of it which ends up being a huge lead in the case and, ultimately, that insane ending.

Dead To The End

We pick up on the main case with Ray and Ani having a heart-to-heart about how the mayor is pissed right off about the whole showing up uninvited at his house last week. The bottom line here is that Ani is “expendable” if things don’t work out. There’s a whole lot of shadiness going on under the sun in Vinci. But really, our not-so-clean-shaven detective says it best about all these other things going on:

"I could give a shit."

Ani and Ray end up tailing Chessani’s daughter who they didn’t get a chance to speak with last week during their visit to Bel-Air. They meet her at some kind of marijuana dispensary and start asking all sorts of questions about Caspar and his connection with the mayor.

Green Cross

The daughter is probably too stoned to remember anything important at this point and she doesn’t really know who was responsible for the Caspar phone calls to the mayor’s mansion. She doesn’t seem to think Tony, the spoiled son of the mayor who was busy throwing girls over his balcony last week, had anything to do with it. But really, she has no idea since, ya know, there are no rules. And this mystery is going no where fast. Ani is looking everywhere for clues…

Bad Omen?

…even at her own sisters for no apparently good reason. But they’re all dead ends! Especially since she found all this stuff at her sisters place. She went there strictly to bitch at her sister and make sure she wasn’t webcamming up the Internet.

Ray and Ani also check back in with Ani’s cult-leading father who is now apparently involved in the Caspar murder mystery. Ani’s father recognizes Caspar from a photo and remembers seeing him around but had never actually spoken with the ghost. He also mentions that Ray seems to be giving off a ton of green and black aura…whatever that is supposed to mean.

Shake Shake Shake Your Aura

Luckily, Ani thinks she might know…

"You're a mood ring."

That’s right…in a twist for the ages, Ray Velcoro is, in fact, a walking, talking mood ring LOL! Ok, so maybe he’s not. But our detectives did uncover some interesting info regarding a guy named Irving Pitler. He was a shrink who had connections with Ani’s father and appears to be in an old photograph with a younger version of the mayor. Pitler, as pointed out by his daughter earlier, also treated the mayor’s first wife for schizophrenia and something seems way fucked about these connections. Anyone think this Pitler guy might have something to do with our case because I definitely do.

Further, we also find out more about that place with all of the flagpoles. It looks like it’s an old mine site with a ton of contamination that no one can afford to clean up. It also appears to be a great spot to throw dead bodies since no one in Vinci really gives two shits about this entire area!

The Map That Leads To You

Any clue what this even means? Because I am clueless at this point.

But what I am not clueless about is the fact that Ani is under some major fire for sleeping with that cop, who was her subordinate…and apparently her sexual laundry has been hung up all over the office which she is now being suspended for. And things are not going to get any better for Ms. Bezzerides.

Friends Like These

And then shit really goes down. Like REALLLY! First, that watch Paul found was a lot more important than we could have ever imagined as they end up tying it to some pimp named Lito. And it’s time to get your squad gear on since Lito is one bad dude.

Our detectives head out to find Mr. Lito and they mean business. It’s also worth noting there is a group of protesters having a good ole-fashioned protest nearby.


And naturally, our team of detectives walks right into a shit storm:

The Shootout of the Century

Why would they just walk right up to the building in broad daylight I will never understand. Has this squad never heard of going in covertly? Somehow I feel like all of this could have been avoided. Oh, and there was also this:

Explosion in Meth Lab

No detective was safe, not even this guy:

Dixon gets shot and killed.

Ummm…didn’t see that coming! This entire operation was a complete disaster on every level and we’re left with this final grim scene of our detectives:

Yup that just happened.

So pretty much everyone is dead! Somehow I don’t think shit was supposed to go down like that! And if you haven’t got a chance to see that final shootout scene, I encourage you to go watch it MEOW because, well, it was epicness.

How will this disaster of a shootout play out for our detectives? I can’t imagine Ani is going to come out of this with her badge in tact, seeing as she’s already royally pissed off the mayor. Once again, I have to admit I was shocked by this ending and didn’t see it coming, so kudos to the writers for keeping this entire season unpredictable! Let’s see what awaits us in Vinci next week.


That ending! This should have major repercussions on our entire cast of characters going forward. The unpredictability of this season has been phenomenal up to this point but the entire story is moving along too slowly. Things will need to improve significantly in order for this show to be memorable like Season 1. I still have hope though as we’re now half way through the story. I can only imagine things are going to pick up after that shootout scene and maybe Frank will finally do something important!

Next Week

Next Week

“Pain is inexhaustable…it’s only people that get exhausted.” Ray is a walking quote machine and it looks like things will not be any different next week. I am fairly certain that the shootout at the end of the episode was NOT supposed to go down that way and things might be getting a lot tougher on our detectives, who were the only survivors by the looks of things. Next week, we will likely find out what the aftermath of this shootout is so  check out the promo for the next episode, titled Other Lives, below: