True Detective: ‘Night Finds You’ Review

A Shot In The Dark


Seriously? Did that really just happen? Am I dead? Just when I’m thinking this episode was a bit bland for my liking, that ending happens and my mind exploded. First off, let me just say that I’m not happy about it. And second, what in the fuck is going to happen next?

Officially, True Detective is back and while the first two episodes have not been nearly as interesting as last season, things are certainly starting to pick up. We also learned a lot more about Frankie and Caspar the Ghost in Night Finds You and I still cannot get over that ending…definitely didn’t see THAT coming.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s head over to Vinci, where the food is so-so and the pollution is 600% above the national average. Enjoy the recap…

Wheel Of Misfortune

Our episode begins with Frankie lying in bed with his wife Jordan and thinking about all the shit he has to deal with the next day. Just like most of us in real life.

Monday Morning

And we learn a little bit more about what makes old Frankie tick while he complains about his paper mâché ceiling. Frank rambles on about how his old man would lock him in the basement and one time, Frankie’s dad gets arrested which pretty much leaves Frankie trapped in the dark with no food. So naturally, 6-year-old Frankie decides to smash a rat in the dark until “there was nothing but goo” in his hands. So ya, Frankie is clearly insane and is obviously carrying a ton of baggage from his past life. 

Later, Frankie meets up with Ray who fills in him in on Caspar’s case. Frankie reveals there are a lot of deals in motion but doesn’t say much else. Also, some kids told Ray to fuck off.

Fuck Off

We also catch up with Paul who is having some KFC with his mom. It also appears that Paul’s mom is a hooker but don’t quote me on that.

Drinks, Smokes and Chicken

Also, Paul’s girlfriend flipsout on him big time after he takes off in the middle of the night again. All of this Paul stuff is rather pointless but I’m still not sure how this all fits into our story yet so it might be worth mentioning. Again, not too much happened here and the first half of the episode was pretty slow-paced. Hopefully things will be picking up soon.

We check back in with Frankie who is still having difficulties with this unexplainable deal as he meets with a bunch of randoms. I can honestly say I have no idea what is really going on here besides the fact that Frankie and Caspar were partners. And Caspar’s death has really fucked up this entire transaction and it appears Frankie is under extreme financial pressures. Also, no inanimate objects are safe from Frankie’s temper tantrums.

Frankie Destroys Glasses

Those glasses are fucked. And literally, this deal was everything for Frank who has double mortgaged his house and poker room. Frankie is broke as a joke and drastic times call for drastic measures. So him and his thugs head out for some fun under the bridge:

Random Dude Gets Peppersprayed

After this random dude gets his ass beat down, Frankie has a chat with him, pretending he is a friendly stranger, but it sounds more like a threat to me. Again, not really sure what is going on with all of this wheelin’ and dealin’ but I’m sure it will all make sense soon enough.

Frankie then heads to City Hall in an attempt to find out more info regarding Caspar the friendly, and dead, ghost. I think the most important thing we learned here was that Frank wants time alone with the guy who murdered Caspar and also that Frankie needs to come up with some cash money and fast.

They head to the club and it looks like Frankie is doing some investigating of his own. He ends up talking to an escort and she ends up giving him some info on where Caspar had been when he was picking up hookers.

Lets Go To The Club

This info comes in handy later on and ultimately leads to that insane ending!

But before we get to the investigation, Ray’s life keeps getting worse. He meets with his ex-wife and she is furious over the fact that Ray kicked the living shit out of the Conroy boy’s dad. Those were good times. It’s too bad that his actions would obviously have consequences and his wife is attempting to take away his kid which, in fact, is clearly not Ray’s kid in the first place.

No Bae For Ray


What a bitch! Although in her defence, I’m pretty sure Ray is a murderer so maybe this is for the best. Or maybe not since Ray threatened to burn the entire city to the ground.

Ray Day

Meanwhile, our investigation of Caspar the Ghost continues starting with his autopsy and Ani, Ray and Paul are all together at last. Apparently, Caspar had his eyes burned out with hydrochloric acid which sounds terribly painful.

Eye Opener

The killer may have used a glass eye dropper to burn the eyes out and had Caspar bound, execution style, as well. Also, this:

Oh God No

Yup, he had his dick shot off with a 12 gauge at point blank range. As a member of the male population, I must say…shit just got real.

The team also checks out Caspar’s place, which we already caught a glimpse of in the previous episode, with this hilarious quote from Ani:

Guy Really thought About Fucking A Lot

Then they head out and Ray makes fun of the fact that Ani is smoking E-Cigs, with yet another hilarious line:

E-Cigs: It's Like Sucking A Robot's Dick

Classic Ray Ray. They head off to interview some randoms at Vinci City Hall about Caspar’s murder. The guy they speak with is getting completely shit-faced drunk as the true detectives continuously ask him questions about Caspar and a woman he was with at some party. It’s also worth nothing that this guy knows Frankie too.

City Hall Life

Our detectives reconvene in some massive warehouse to discuss the Caspar case. Somehow, this guy was assigned to the case. Easily the worst detective ever.

False Detective

Ray and Ani are checking out a bunch of paper work but once again nothing really happens other than Ani figuring out that the GPS coordinates in there possession are all pointing North…whatever that means. And next up for our detectives, a really creepy cosmetic surgery clinic. And this creepy dude:

Plastic Face

Basically, the cosmetic surgeon tells the detectives that Caspar had an addiction to prostitutes, but was mostly passive in his pursuits. We also find out that the creepy doctor knows Ani’s father. I’m not too sure why they keep bringing her father up but maybe his cult will have more to do with our story in due time.

Later, Ani watches some porn in her night robe while having a glass of scotch:

Porn and Drinks

Yup! That actually happened. But I’m pretty sure she was just creepin’ online in hopes of finding her sister, who is apparently into making lots of money from a webcam sex site. Good times on a Friday night in Vinci.

Finally, my favorite part of the episode. Frank and Ray meet back up and Frank reveals that Caspar had another house where he brought his girls. He thinks it would be best if Ray and the Vinci police checked it out rather than getting involved himself. I say don’t do it Ray!

And Ray has nothing much going for him these days and explains to Frank that he’s tired. Frankie tells him to get some rest but not before checking out Caspar’s home away from home. And away we go.

Ray heads over to the house and what he finds is obviously the murder scene. There is a giant blood stain on the floor, there are masks on the wall (similar to the crow mask from last week), and audio surveillance is set up in the bathroom.

The Mask

There is also music playing. It appears someone is home. And then…

Ray Gets Shot

…NOOOOOOOOOO! What just happened? Did that seriously just go down!? Ray is DEAD!?? WTF, show! I am angry. Ray was hands down my favorite character up to this point and only 2 episodes in, he ends up dead! Now maybe the writers are having a nice laugh because Ray is still alive and he was merely shot with rubber bullets. Right? Ray can’t be dead. I’m in denial. How can this show leave us with only Ani, Frank and Paul? I am sad since Ray was the best 🙁

Still though, what a shocker. I have to admit I certainly did NOT see this coming and either did you. While most of the episode was rather slow in advancing the plot, which is rather annoying considering there are only 8 episodes of True Detective per season, the ending should wake up us and show us why this show was so awesome in the first place. Any ideas as to who the guy in the crow mask is? I’ll give you a hint…it’s not Jon Snow Crow.

Episode Score: 7.0 – Points were deducted for the first 40 uneventful minutes of the episode. The ending and the creepy plastic surgeon dude were hands down the highlights of the night. Besides Ray’s death and the creepy plastic surgeon dude, there wasn’t much going on in Vinci this week.

Next Week

Next Week

I don’t even know what happens next but Ray cannot be dead and hopefully we get some answers next week. It also looks like the action is about to pick up which is a good sign after the slow progress of the first two episodes. Check out the preview for next weeks episode, titled Maybe Tomorrow, below and say a prayer for Ray while you’re at it: