True Detective: ‘Omega Station’ Season Finale Review

The World We Deserve

The World We Deserve

Finale night in Vinci. And what a finale it was. Okay, so maybe not but I have come to the conclusion that this season of True Detective did not meet my expectations and yet, I feel somewhat satisfied after watching the final episode. In the end, I don’t think it was ever about the Caspar case as I took more interest in the lives and backstories of our true detectives. And that was what the finale was really all about in the end. Sure, we got answers regarding the murder but everything was resolved rather quickly. It wasn’t until that final ending showing with 99.9% certainty that Ray was, in fact, the father of his child that we realize we get the world we deserve. And man, does it suck!

Not everyone can have a happy ending. In fact, I’d say not one character ended up living happily ever after. Ray ended up leaving two sons behind after his death. Ani and Jordan are in Mexico and have both lost the men in their lives. Paul is now a highway. This ending provided no satisfaction on the happiness meter. And I think I’m okay with that.

Life doesn’t always go the way we plan and sometimes there is simply no easy way out of these situations. This was pretty much proven with Ray and Frankie biting the dust by the end. Did they deserve this fate? Well, on a season that was all about getting the world we deserve, you would think yes…but I’m not sold. In my eyes, Ray and Frankie completely redeemed themselves by the end but I’m still left thinking that life really is unfair in some circumstances. They may have gotten the world they deserve but I’m thinking no one deserves that kind of world. What do you think? Let us know and enjoy the recap!

Are We There Yet?

Our episode begins with Ray and Ani sharing post-traumatic life experiences in bed. For Ani, it’s all about her getting into a van when she was younger while Ray tells the story of how he went after the guy whom he thought raped his ex-wife which, as we know, turned out being the wrong guy. And all I’m thinking at this point is that at least we got that out of the way early. That said, we had some great dialogue, especially from Rachel McAdams who tells Ray that “people…whole cultures…wouldn’t blame you.” I wouldn’t blame Ray and Ani wouldn’t either so it looks like we’re all on the same page.

Ray ends up getting a call from Burris who informs him about Paul’s death. Since they are framing Ray for Davis’ murder, they might as well frame him for this one too. But Ray isn’t all that interested in meeting up after learning about his friend Paul’s murder. Even with being framed, Ray and Ani decide it’s time to check out another lead, this time they’re off to find Lenny and Laura. Wait, WHO? You’re drunk show!

Who is this?

Somehow, our two cops completely solve the entire mystery in less than 2 seconds when they determine that it must be the two children who were hiding during the blue diamond robbery back in the ’92. Um really…this is how we’re wrapping things up, guys?

The Killer

If you don’t recognize this guy, you’re certainly not alone because, even if he did previously appear this season (and I can’t confirm whether he did or not although they mentioned he was on the movie set), most of us have no clue who he is. All we really know is that this was the kid who witnessed his parents murder alongside his sis in ’92. He’s out on a manhunt to murder everyone who was involved and this includes Holloway and Burris. Our detectives also found this at his home:

Bird is the Word

There you have it, folks! The bird mask has been found and all I’m thinking is “wow, that could have been a lot better.” Sorry to say but I am glad this confusing, complex case has finally came to an end. This was pretty much the worst possible way to wrap up the case. On a show that is supposed to be about detective work, Ray’s custody battle was more emotional and more entertaining and that is unacceptable. And while Ray and Ani were great, it wasn’t enough to make up for this jigsaw puzzle of a case.

So Frank and Ani find Laura who explains how she ended up meeting, and murdering, Caspar with her bro. She also lets them know that her bro is going to meet Holloway to exchange the hard drive which is clearly a cover for murder. I have a feeling shit might be going down at the train station.

Meanwhile, Frankie convinces Jordan that she needs to get out of Vinci so he can take care of business. Jordan is reluctant at first as she wants to stay with Frankie but, after throwing their wedding rings out the door for no good reason, Frank finally convinces her to head off to Venezuela, where he’ll meet up with her in two weeks.

His first stop is the Chessani mansion over in Bel-Air where he finds the mayor, Austin Chessani, going for a very long and permanent swim:

In The Swim Of Things

Frankie also runs into Chessani’s wife, who looks stoned out of her mind and could easily make an appearance on The Walking Dead. Frank believes it was Tony, the mayor’s son, who is responsible for Austin’s death and away we go.

"Are you going to be alright?"

Laying My Vengeance Upon Thee

Ride 'Em Cowboy

Ray gets to the train station before Holloway and finds the now fully grown kid who witnessed his parents murder long ago. He convinces him to take his place for the meet and greet with Holloway but things definitely didn’t go well in the end. After hearing Holloway talk about the 1992 murder and robbery, the kid loses his shit and pulls a knife on Holloway. This leads to Burris pulling out his gun and all hell breaks loose with both Holloway and our murderer getting destroyed.

Train Wreck at the Train Station

Yup, a lot of people died during this finale. Luckily, Ray and Ani immediately get the hell out of there and who can blame them? Guns are going off and they are both wanted fugitives.


In other parts of Vinci, Frank ends up going on a massive rampage of his own as he ends up destroying the Russian guy, Osip and his entire crew by smoke bombing their cabin and ambushing them. Frank puts his best gas mask on and ends up annihilating Osip:

Gas Mask Frankie kills Osip

Guess that’s all she wrote for the Russians. Oh, and in case you missed it, the plastic surgeon also ended up dead.

Do It Yourself

Not even sure why they bothered to include this but regardless there were way too many unnecessary murders in this finale. Of course, this wasn’t even all of it so only one thing left to do…

Saying Our Goodbyes

Naughty By Nature

Our finale scenes with Frank and Ray were very well shot and also very heartbreaking. Frankie ends up getting hauled off to the desert by his Mexican friends while Ray ends up in a stand-off in the forest with Burris and his crew. Ray, on his way back to the safe house, finds a tracking device under his vehicle after visiting his son for the last time. He ends up here…

Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest

Yup, that’s right. Ray’s in Fern Gully and he’s not about to go down without a fight. After some great head shots from Ray, he ends up realizing that this is probably it for him. Even after trying to send that message to his son, it appears that Ray has the absolute worst luck ever.


Can it really get worse for Ray? The answer is a resounding yes because Ray ends up stuck behind a very large tree with no escape.

The Griffin's Nest

I was half expecting a giant bird to swoop down and save the day but unfortunately it was not meant to be. Ray ends up getting into a shootout with Burris and Co. and obviously it ended like this since Ray was the best:

Ray is gunned down

After everything that happened to Ray, this was pretty much the only possible ending for him.

On Your Ray To Heaven

To make matters worse, Ray ends up being the biological father to Chad. Maybe that was what they meant by getting the world we deserve. After all, if Ray had never actually went after his wife’s attacker, he may have caught wind of this fact and could have possibly righted the ship. Instead, he ends up dead in the woods.

You Are The Father!

So ya, his message doesn’t send, he ends up being his son’s real dad and he doesn’t make it out alive. Worst possible ending ever for this show’s best character.

Frankie also ends up very dead in the end as he is kidnapped by the Mexicans and taken into the desert where they obviously plan on murdering him.

The Valley of Death

Frankie offers them $1 million in cash, which they accept, but obviously the Mexicans also want his suit and, well, Frankie is not giving that up.

Frankie gets stabbed

Probably should have gave up the suit, Frankie! After all, you already gave them $1 MILLION IN CASH! As you can tell, I was not impressed with these results. The Mexicans leave him for dead in the desert and sadly, Frankie somehow wanders off into the classic video game Myst as he starts hallucinating while walking to who knows where.


It doesn’t end well for Frankie and he dies from a stab wound in the middle of the desert, leaving behind his wife Jordan after promising he would return to her. It really looks as though not one character ended up getting a world they deserved. Talk about depressing.

At least there was some partial hope in the final scene where we see Ani and Jordan taking care of a newborn baby. I’m guessing it’s probably safe to assume that this is Ani’s baby since Jordan wasn’t able to have children. Ray lives on!


And Paul did become a highway so that’s something…

Life Is A Highway


For whatever reason, I ended up semi-enjoying this finale but the Caspar case resulted in one of the more ridiculous and boring conclusions I have seen in a while. Sure, the Caspar case left me with a sour taste in my mouth and I’d be lying if I said I knew the ins and outs of what actually happened but this season really wasn’t about the case at all. It was about our detectives (and Frank) getting the world they deserve and heck, I’m still not even quite sure they got what they deserved.

Ani ended up being our sole survivor (and Jordan too), but Frank and Ray taking their last breath was completely bittersweet. Ray is leaving two sons behind but I guess this was supposed to be a ray of hope (pun totally intended)  after all the tragedy we witnessed.

Overall, this season had some hits and a lot more misses but I really liked that everything was wrapped up by the end. If we do have a Season 3, however, I can only hope that we get a much better mystery to go with it because this season was definitely lacking in that department. Thanks for reading my recaps and let us know what you thought about True Detective’s second season in the comments below! Till the next one…

Peace Outtt

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