Under the Dome: ‘The Fall’ Review

Fallen Leaves

Under the Dome presents Billy Talent's Fallen Leaves

Wow that was actually a pretty decent episode of Under the Dome!!! Whoa, did I just say that? Is the world coming to an end? For whatever reason, everyone returning to the Dome including Mama Rennie and Hunter, has defibrillated the Domies back to life. Of course, nothing still makes no sense plot wise but still, this was a rather entertaining hour of dome life.

When I first read the title of the episode, I was expecting this to have FAIL written all over it, but The Fall had it all, from reunions to teenagers making out under a blanket to leaves changing colors to Mortal Kombat type self-inflicted fatalities. Also, Angie came back as a vision in Junior’s head…was it the Dome or is Junior just insane?

I was quite surprised to find out that The Fall was referring to the season and NOT falling off a dome cliff into a portal although this could be a future topic for the dome debate team. Joe is the captain, obvs. Despite autumn coming early though, Phil did end up having a fall of his own and it was epic.

Even our resident Dome Scientist is going to have a run for her money with this new grown-up version of Joe (aka Hunter). Just a theory…maybe Hunter is Joe in the future? I totally called it last week and they were instantly together comparing devices for this episode. Either that, or Hunter is a major creep who enjoys hanging out with teenagers. Either way, autumn is almost here so it is only appropriate that I choose something ‘leafy’ for this week’s review. Enjoy!

‘Fallen Leaves’

Before getting to the music, the episode began with a whole lot of reunions that involved a whole lot of public displays of affection (PDA for short):


Love the 3rd wheel in the background. Also, the drop in temperature apparently caused Norrie’s nips to become as cold as Alaska:

"These nipples aren't going to warm themselves"

And seriously, this just in: Caroline has won the award for WORST mother ever! Like, where the fuck is she? I suppose she’s not Norrie’s biological mother but you just gonna let your daughter slut it up with Joe and tease the crap out of him like that? Poor Joe.

Now for the fun stuff. We’re taking it back to 2006 for Billy Talent’s ‘Fallen Leaves’. This song could not have worked any better for this episode. Billy Talent presents…Under the Dome: Fallen Leaves Edition. Don’t forget to hit play and follow along. Don’t be a Lyle:

In a crappy little town, they were lost and never found.

I faked my death, nine years at most. To leave behind, all of my ghosts. Searching for something, I couldn't find at DOME!

I lost my job, now I'm doing time...

Just one more hit, and I'll be fine.

White Egg in AB-YSS, will be my one last crime.

In a crappy little town, they were lost and never found. Please believe, please believe please believe, what's that sound?

Run away, Domie the Clown, off the streets and out of town.


Couple of things this reminded me of, there are probably lots more so please share in the comments 🙂

Prince of Persia, death by spikes.
Exactly What Happened To Phil Bushey

Big Jim embarks, to find the spark.

Voice in my head, Angie? She dead.

A Clash of Cultures

Will this kid ever get head?

In a crappy little town, they were lost and never found. Rolled up sleeves, rolled up sleeves, rolled up sleeves, Chop Sam down.

Best turn those frowns upside down, Big Jim will beat you down

Just ask Jeeves, Just ask Jeeves, Just ask Jeeves, He's the Hound!

WHOA! So let’s just stop the dome train for a minute. Mama Rennie elaborately faked her own death by stealing a cadaver and having it drive into a tree in her place, fooling her entire family for NINE years. I think you might want to consider a career change Mama Rennie. This appears to be something you are VERY good at, unlike your newly painted masterpiece.

"That fires not hot" "You're in my blind spot"

Staring at dome walls, hiding my egg marks

I have no best friends, cus I'm Big Jim Rennie

In a crappy little town, bro and sis were lost and found

Keanu Reeves, Keanu Reeves, Keanu Reeves is in town.

LOL! OK so clearly that last one is not true. But let’s just imagine for a minute what Chester’s Mill might be like if Keanu Reeves did, in fact, enter the dome!

This episode was pretty good though. Tons of shit went down with everyone returning to the Dome and Phil’s death was a classic for the ages. That was some real life Prince of Persia / Mortal Kombat coming to life for us. Of course, Phil played a much bigger role in the book as a crystal-meth addicted cook so I am very curious to see how they are going to replace his book character as that appears to be a void that needs to be filled on this show. Not enough SMART villains!

The Verdict

Episode Score: 9.0. This was easily the best episode of Season 2 but that doesn’t say much, does it? Points were awarded for Norrie’s nips getting all Alaska on us and Joe getting rejected for the 1000th time. Points were subtracted for the Domey explanation about the seasons accelerating. And when did it get THAT cold in autumn–minus 1,000,000 points. Lastly, points HAVE to be awarded for Phil’s death because jumping off a cliff into a pit of spikes is fucking awesome.

So, what did everyone think? Am I as crazy as Mama Rennie for thinking this episode was actually good? Or am I just on drugs with Benny? Feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

The promo for next week’s episode, titled Black Ice, is below. Based on the title, is Winter coming to the Dome? Til next week Domies and Domettes, I will be laughing about Phil’s death until next week…I hope you will be too.