Under The Dome: ‘Manhunt’ Review

When In Dome

Halfpipe on the Dome
Halfpipe, Dome Style

Welcome back Dorphans! So another week and another average episode of Under the Dome! I was expecting a lot more in this episode, but by the end…. it was just MEH! But at least it started off really cool with a shot of Benny skateboarding up the Dome– that was pretty awesome and pretty creative!!!!

Now onto the rest of the episode…

A Bunch of Stuff Happens….

Jump to Barbie and Julia talking in the car on the way to the police station– I absolutely love these two on screen together and I hope we see more of them as the show progresses! I think the one thing to take away from that opening scene though was that Julia mentioned her husband yet again and she is still on a mission to find him! If I’m Barbie, I’m starting to feel just a little bit uncomfortable…

The next scene at the police station where Paul Randolph is being hauled in was also great, if only to provide a bit of context into the townspeople! They are not too happy about the shooting– and going forward some animosity is beginning to show between the residents of Chester’s Mill! I also want to point out that Randolph suggested that it wasn’t him that shot Freddie, but rather the Dome…. this could mean something! Also, people question whether Deputy Linda can handle the situation and then this happens…

Paul fake choking
“Help! I’m choking on….. air?”

Linda falls for the oldest trick in the book! I mean, come on, this was easily the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen, the acting was just plain terrible, and honestly, Linda cannot be that DUMB! So Paul escapes and Linda is left looking like an incompetent idiot! If the residents of Chester’s Mill weren’t questioning her ability to handle the situation before this….. they most definitely are now (even if Linda shot Paul at the end of the episode– which was… kinda impulsive and dumb). This should set up the beginning of townsfolk starting to taking sides…. and I understand that the people of Chester’s Mill aren’t reacting to the Dome the way we expect them too….. but this story is not about the Dome (not yet anyways), but rather how the Dome impacts the people that it has trapped within its awesome Domeness! The Dome will become more important, but right now the story is focusing on the right things….setting up the conflict that is going to occur between some of these folks…. with the Dome having major implications on everything! With that said though, this episode suffered from some terrible writing and terrible acting (especially Paul and Linda…. god awful)! So I’m hoping this improves big time next week!

Oh, and the stuff in the diner with the lesbian couple was just plain insulting….. they probably should have kept with actual characters from the book instead of trying to be politically correct in a small Maine town! I hate to say it…. but the lesbian parent story line is a joke! Period. TV NETWORKS, YOU DO NOT NEED TO INCLUDE A GAY COUPLE OR A BLACK GUY OR AN ASIAN JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK IT IS POLITICALLY CORRECT OR THAT IT WILL INCREASE RATINGS!! If the story sucks…. no one is going to watch anyways, whether they are gay or black or white or Asian, etc.  Honestly, the book had it right here and I don’t know why CBS made changes that are clearly worse for the story! Bad call.

Then, at the end….. Julia finds a map of Chester’s Mill that apparently no one can make any sense out of…. but we all assume this points to the cabin where Peter was murdered by Barbie? Any one have a friggin clue what the X PB stands for on that map? I’m down for some theories and this was no where to be found in the book….. so please discuss 🙂

Would The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

I liked that they finally started to explore the relationship between Junior and his father Big Jim! I think most people can probably figure this out by now….. Junior and Big Jim are going to end up in some kind of turf war with Barbie….. and I think that this is what the show might be lacking at this point…. there is really no villain! And Junior has come across as a big douche so far…. he doesn’t scare any one! Oh, and it looks like Angie finally got smart and is now trying to seduce Junior rather than insult him! But still…. this show lacks a villain…. Junior is boring, and Big Jim is still in development mode (and the new guy Carter was just terrible, more on that later).

Also any one else find it ironic that Dean Norris plays a DEA agent in Breaking Bad and is now trying to cover up a massive drug scandal (aka Crystal Meth….) in Under the Dome! Dean Norris as Big Jim is my absolute favorite so far (did any one else who read the book picture Big Jim with a mustache though???)!

I also really LOVED the scenes featuring Barbie (Mike Vogel) and Big Jim! Those are two really good actors, and I feel like they have some chemistry, so I have a good feeling about that going forward as it is a big part of the story! 🙂 The dialogue was good, acting was superb! So there is some hope even with a really mediocre episode! I have a feeling these two will be the captains when it comes time to pick sides….. Survivor: Under The Dome!

As for Junior trying to find a way UNDER the dome (literally!), I don’t need to say much about that, it spoke for itself, and was really predictable! Obviously we kinda know no one is getting out any time soon…… so to me, this whole scene was pointless and unnecessary (and not in the book for a reason)! And Julia showing up was just silly….. but at least they’re showing more of Junior’s psychotic side! And Junior showing that he is smarter than he has appeared in the 1st two episodes…. by telling Julia that Barbie is psycho and essentially setting her up….. I kinda like this plot, completely different from the book! 🙂

Junior being dumb!
“White people problems”

Double The Seizures, Double The Fun

I like Joe’s story– easily my fave character! I loved it in the book as well…. and I have been waiting for Joe and Bennie to finally hook up with Norrie (who was actually not an out-of-towner in the book, but a good friend of Joe and Bennie’s). To me… this group will be the ones who provide us with answers about the Dome in this show! Joe is SMART and CURIOUS…. and he is the ONLY ONE trying to find any answers to the Dome!

And we had another character who showed up in this episode, Carter….. and I gotta say, he was WORSE than Junior! The best thing he had to offer was giving Joe his nickname “Scarecrow”! If these are the villains going forward, this show is going to have problems! I think we may need to see the death of a major character to really get this story moving a long!

“Monopoly isn’t illegal…. we have the board game at my house” (and this might be the most ridiculous, cheesiest line in TV history)

Really not much else happened….. the generator shuts down and everyone leaves! But what really fascinated me the most was when Norrie and Joe touched hands and BAM……

“Watch Japanese Cartoons…… then Get Down, Get Freaky”

So we know that these teens have seizures when they get close to the Dome…. and now we know that when two young people that had seizures caused by the Dome touch each……. they will have a seizure together and say “Pink stars falling in lines”!!! Still here after that? Well I really wanna know what this Pink Stars crap means and how its connected to the Dome! Pay attention to the kiddies here because they will explain most of our mysteries! 🙂

This Better Get Better and Fast

Honestly, besides the points I have already made above, there just wasn’t a lot to talk about in this episode! Linda shooting Paul in the woods…. pure stupidity! But I did appreciate The Simpsons Movie reference! Wasn’t expecting it….. but with all those silly people out there that still think The Simpsons came up with this idea before Stephen King…. you have some homework to do!

I’m skipping the mystery questions this week though simply because nothing was solved and nothing new happened….. the only NEW development was Norrie and Joe touching hands and going into full seizure mode! That was different, unique and had nothing to do with the book… so I’m very excited to see where this goes!

So this one gets the worst score yet…. a big 6.5! Hopefully next week…. we’ll get to see “the grown-ups do their job”! And my expectations are high after this Episode 3 letdown! Let me know what you think….. comments absolutely and always encouraged! Hope you enjoyed my review of ‘Manhunt’ and I’ll be back next week for Episode 4 titled ‘Outbreak’ (here’s hoping it lives up to more than that lame ass title)! Can’t wait! 🙂 Ciao for now fellow Dorphans!