Under the Dome: ‘Redux’ Review

Dome Days

Dome Days

Another day, another dome. And it appears as though our story can’t get any more fucked up. Can it? Redux was supposed to give us some answers but instead I have a thousand more questions. It appears as though our new characters, Christine and Eva, have really shaken up the dome. And obviously, this wouldn’t be an episode of Under the Dome without another murder, more choking and tons of nonsense.

Hole In One

Definitely not a hole in one but at least par for the course. That said, this episode was a lot better than the premiere and I’m partially interested to find out more about our newbies. Only partially. And just when you think this show can’t get any more messed up…it does. Period. First, a pink egg. Now, a purple rock. Junior losing his mind. Joe being a buzzkill. This show is something else, isn’t it?

For now though, get some bacon and pork chops, much to Joe’s dismay, and enjoy the recap Domies!

Reality Check

We pick up right where we left off last week as the residents of Chester’s Mill have just hatched out of their cocoons only to realize that they are not, in fact, butterflies and are right back to where they started.

High Fivin' The Dome

The Dome is still alive and well and some people took the news better than others:

"Chill out. It's just dome."

Norrie, take a chill pill. You’ve already been in this situation before, remember? Also, where the hell did your mom go? Once again, Caroline pulled a Houdini this episode and was no where to be found.

Later, Barbie explains the alternate reality to Julia and he basically describes it as was way more vibrant and beautiful, cus you know, Julia was dead. Disssssed. So to get back at Barbie, Julia tells Barbie the news that his dad is dead. Lots of low blows now that Julia knows that Barbie was with Eva in the alternate reality. Which, by the way, didn’t actually happen…therefore, Julia is jealous for absolutely no good reason.

Later on, Big Jim is preaching to the townspeople for the 87th time until Barbie shows up and attacks him…


…which led to guns coming out, obvs. Until Barbie’s alternate reality girlfriend shows up to distract everyone. And this pretty much sums up my facial expression when I watch this show:

Barbie looking shocked

He looks lost just like the rest of us. Not sure why he’s so surprised though, this was inevitable. Christine and Eva come up with the dumbest story ever about about how they ended up trapped under the dome. Yep, hiking in the woods and falling into a sinkhole. I can only hope that Barbie and his crew aren’t dumb enough to fall for that. Oh wait, they are. Also, the town is now all pissed off because Barbie’s plan to escape the dome was a massive failure. Christine takes charge and off the domies go to forage for food since they are scavengers now.

But not Barbie. First, he gets completely bitched out by Julia for having an alternate reality girlfriend, as if he has any control over that! Julia is way to attached to Barbie, the man who murdered her husband! LOL! Because apparently the dome makes people do crazy things for a thing called love.

At some point, Barbie heads down to where the cocoons were and finds Benny…

"I've been slimed...and murdered."

…who is dead! I miss you Benny. So Barbie runs off to find Julia and they realize that Melanie is some sort of dome serial murderer. So off they go to find Melanie but not before we check in on the rest of the town.

The Lights Are On But No One Is Home

Junior is back under the dome as well and he tries to have a heart to heart with his old man, Big Jim, but it obviously ends with this:

Big Jim Hits Junior

Best father-son relationship ever. Obviously this relationship is not going to be changing any time soon. It also appears that both Big Jim and Junior are slowly going insane. Big Jim appears to be obsessed with the fact that he saved everyone from the evil cocoons and talks to a dog…

Cuckoo for Cocoons

…and Junior, after realizing that he has to live with his father again, attempts suicide:

Must get off this show.

A bit over dramatic, don’t ya think? Of course, Sam interrupts Junior because, for some reason, Sam decided to go creeping through the forest and randomly stumbles across this. He convinces Junior to put the gun down and takes him immediately to a support group. Sooooo dumb.

And if that doesn’t make enough sense for ya, Junior ends up doing exactly what he did in the alternate reality:


Junior literally burns the house down. Oh and he disowned his dad too. So ya, Junior has officially gone off the deep end. This alternate reality seems to have a greater impact on the younger generation and man, can this plot get any more ridiculous? Of course it can.

"What the fuck is going on?"

Joe Schmo

Joe continues his quest to get laid but Norrie is having none of it still. She has locked Joe up in the Friend Zone and threw away the key.

"Please love me."

Will poor Joe ever complete his quest to get laid against the Dome? Norrie doesn’t think so:

Ewwww, no

Then, this happened:

Creepy Smile

A new contender for dome sex. So creepy. Joe is obvs gonna get all jealous now so prepare for more of this teen drama. In fact, he’s already jealous about the fact that Hunter knows what sorority Norrie had joined in the alternate reality. I can’t even make this shit up. Seriously, this all happened!

After the town meeting, Joe, Norrie and Hunter are all tasked with finding food so they head over to Andrea’s place, who was hoarding massive amounts of food for no good reason (possibly for Mayan Apocalypse 2012), and Norrie and Hunter have a stupid chat about how Norrie wants to go back to the alternate reality world. Oh, boo hoo. Quit your whining, Norrie. And Hunter, quit being creepy as hell. Joe is going to be uber pissed!

Permanent Nap TIme

And he was just that when he finds Andrea’s corpse on her front porch while Norrie and Hunter are partying it up! Lighten up, Joe! There are no rules, no parents, no responsibilities! You’re trapped under a dome so go have some fun instead of being such a negative nancy boy!

"Cry me a river, Joe."

And that was pretty much all that happened with the teenagers…and Hunter who apparently has no adult friends to hang out with. Oh, and this…

Babe is dead.

Yup, they killed a pig cus the domies gotta eat, yo! Looks like pork chops and bacon is on the menu. At least the food is good, right?


The most interesting part of this season so far has been the introduction of Christine and Eva. Not that this is going to make the show any better, because it is definitely not, but I have to say I was pretty interested in these two. Apparently, they’re anthropologists from some “other” world and they’re hunting for the egg, obvs! Once again, everyone wants that egg for no reason. And now, there’s this:

Purple Kush

Joining the pink egg, we now have the purple rock which makes a random appearance and is apparently important because Christine definitely took notice of it. They better have answers somewhere in their files:

"Bitch left a mess."

And as soon as Eva heads out, Christine scoops up that purple rock and everyone watching is completely lost.

But that’s not even the best part. Christine heads over to the “Cocoon Room” and confronts Christine about how she failed her mission. And this was her mission: leading the people to be cocooned so that the egg could infuse them with the life force. And the fact that this sentence has happened just broke the laws of probability and all rational thought. So who in the hell knows that that even means! Either way, Christine tells Melanie to handle Julia and murder her if necessary. Yup, thug life.

Dome Life

Back at home base, Christine and Eva have another chat, revealing more info about where they came from. Christine sends Eva on some kind of mission to find an item that could ‘expose’ them. She also mentions that they have “found the remains of ancient civilizations.” Wait, WHAT!? Are these two from another planet because that’s what it sounds like to me. As much as I like to make fun of this show…I mean, it is beautifully dumb…I have to admit that I like the overall story regarding the dome. Lets be honest, it’s pretty much the only reason any of us watch this show. So now that Christine and Eva are in town, hopefully we will learn more about where the dome came from in the first place. I’m sure the answers will surprise us all in very dumb ways.

Eva heads out to find this mystery item and, obviously having overheard their entire conversation, Big Jim follows her into the woods:

Dome Selfie, Anyone?

Yup, they left their camera under some dirt and obviously they’re gonna need that since their on vacation in Domeville! How else are they going to remember having drinks under a dome lit sky? So now we have a pink egg, a purple rock and some strange camera. What the fuck, show! Instead of continuously introducing new items and mysteries, why don’t you start explainin’ yourself! Because I have no fucking clue what is going on any more!

Also, Big Jim…feeding chocolate to a dog is probably not a great idea, just sayin’! Regardless, the dog survives and Big Jim ends up stealing the camera from the Dome Aliens (let’s call them that for now).


And look, the TV survived this week! It seems that Big Jim only starts shooting at things after hes been drinking so give the man a bottle! Seriously though, Big Jim is at his best when he’s shooting at inanimate objects, cleaning his guns and getting drunk. Instead, he digs out his old surveillance equipment to do some undercover work:

Spy vs Spy

Does anyone have a friggin’ clue what happened here? It looked to me like Christine disintegrated:


Ya, so that happened. I’m not sure what exactly happened…but it happened.

And while all that was going on, Barbie and Julia are on the hunt for Melanie, where once again the laws of physics have been defied.

Julia falls up a ladder.

That’s right, folks! She fell UP a ladder because obvs the laws of physics don’t apply when you’re under a dome. Best gif ever! But really, it was just Melanie who attempts to kick the living shit out of Julia and then proceeds to get stabbed by Christine.

Chrstine stabs Melanie

Wait, WTF!? First off, didn’t we see Christine disintegrate after touching the pink egg? Yup, another sentence that should never exist. Second, why the hell is she stabbing Melanie after telling her to kill Julia? Quit talking nonsense, show!

Then, the ending which still has be baffled. The whole town, minus Big Jim who took off on a boat with his new chocolate loving doggy friend, gets together for some camping, possibly to roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the raging fire that once was Big Jim’s house.

Camp Dome

While Christine looks out on the town after signalling for Batman:

Bat Signal

OK, so that didn’t happen but don’t you wish it did! Instead, the townsfolk were staring at this:

Planet Dome?

Ummm, isn’t that just the moon? Big whoop! Unless it’s some other planet? Looks like the moon to me though, although it does look a lot bigger than usual. Who in hell knows that this even means but I am curious to find out. So tune in next week and let us find out together. Same dome time. Same dome channel.

The Verdict

Episode Score: 7.0. Well I still have no fucking clue what is going on. What is with that pink egg? Why did Christine disintegrate and how was she still around to kill Melanie? What is that purple rock thing? What’s with the dome camera? And why the fuck does this show not answer any of our questions? I find it completely hilarious how these idiots are so influenced by an alternate reality that didn’t even happen! But the one saving grace is Christine and Eva because they, at least, should provide us with more answers about the Dome! If not, then I give up and you should to.

Also, be sure to check out the preview for next week’s episode, titled The Kinship, where I guarantee things are sure to get even more stupid. Check it out: