The Walking Dead: ‘East’ Review

The Walking Dead 'Eastbound & Down'

“There is no right, it’s just the wrong that doesn’t pull you down.” -Morgan

We headed east on the latest The Walking Dead and holy shit, Daryl better be alright. It appears as though The Walking Dead has learned a valuable lesson from the whole Glenn debacle and the way this episode ended was easily one of the biggest cliffhangers of the season so far. Everything is being set up nicely for the season finale which is sure to cause all sorts of chaos, especially once Negan shows up for the party.

My only complaint boils down to stupidity. With Carol leaving Alexandria, everyone immediately decided to venture off and look for her without devising a plan. First, Daryl takes off without telling anyone where he’s going. This ultimately leads to Glenn, Rosita and Michonne following after him. Meanwhile, Rick and Morgan head after Carol with Rick eventually going back home. At least there are two wildcards wandering around the woods although it remains to be seen when we will see Carol and Morgan again.

‘East’ was mostly setting up things for the grand finale but at least we got to see what happened to Carol and how her and Daryl’s actions have essentially led to the kidnapping of Glenn and Michonne. And who can forget about that bat shit crazy ending that has us all wondering what happened to Daryl. I highly doubt Daryl is dead, especially after Dwight tells him he’ll be alright. Not to mention the fact that this would be the worst death possible for one of the fan favorite characters. I’m guessing that Dwight only wounded Daryl to keep him from moving around and it’s inevitable that our Alexandrians will finally come face to face with Negan.

Now let’s all blindly hit the road, head east without any plan and enjoy the review, fellow walkers!

Follow The Leader

Carol’s feeling pretty down these days with all of the murder she’s been committing lately so she decides to leave Alexandria for good without telling a single person of her plan. She ends up slipping away in the middle of the night while her new boy toy Tobin sleeps peacefully and I’m not quite sure how she didn’t wake him up on her way out.

Once again, The Walking Dead focused on what it does so well, this time using Johnny Cash’s It’s Not Over as they went around Alexandria to show us what everyone has been up to.

I don’t think they could have used a better track to set the mood for the episode. In fact, it obviously would have been smart for Rick and his group to listen to Johnny Cash who sings “turn around and let her go.” And that is exactly what everyone should have done with Carol but obviously these people have an obsession with not letting people go, regardless of whether Carol made her own decision to walk away.

When it comes to relationships on The Walking Dead, I find myself the least interested and exploring Michonne and Rick’s relationship has been a yawnfest of epic proportions. Luckily, shit immediately hits the fan when Daryl gets on his bike and heads out into the world to find the Saviors and finish what he started with Dwight. I think we were also given a pretty big clue that Glenn could be in big time trouble, especially when you consider all of his close calls in the first half of the season. Why even bother showing us this if Glenn is going to return safe and sound?

A Final Goodbye?

I have a really bad feeling that this is the last time Maggie is ever going to see Glenn alive. There is no way the writers are going to put us through a bunch of close-calls so this could definitely be leading up to one of the biggest, and saddest, moments of the series to date. If you’re a Glenn fan, I’d be worried if I were you.

Meanwhile, Tobin informs Rick about Carol’s disappearing act and, since Rick can’t let things go, he immediately wants to head out and find Carol, ignoring her pleas not to follow her. Personally, if I am on the receiving end of Carol’s note, there is no way in hell I’m going after her but these people always seem to find a way to make irrational decisions at the worst possible time and it’s this decision that is probably going to lead to more points for the Saviors.

Nancy From Montclair

After leaving Alexandria, Carol ends up stealing one of the vehicles outside the walls and it looks as though she is preparing to turn herself into Mad Max in her new wheels.

Mad Carol: Fury Road

Carol immediately runs into trouble when some strangers decide to shoot out her tires. It’s pretty obvious that these dudes are on the Saviors side but Carol has a lot of experience getting herself out of tricky situations. One of the Saviors, who identifies himself as Jiro, wants to know who Carol is and where she came from but all he’s getting is lies in return. Jiro knows Carol came from Alexandria because of her new wheels and, once again, it appears that her clueless old lady act works like a charm. All she had to do this time was hide a gun inside her coat. Yup, it was another terrible day to be a Savior and for those keeping count, it’s now like 34-1 for Alexandria. This hasn’t been a fair fight whatsoever.


Carol is officially my favorite character on this show now. It appears there is no situation that she can’t handle and not even a truck full of gun-wielding Saviors was going to stop her. Of course, it obviously helps that most of these Saviors are beyond stupid and I have no idea why this guy would walk right in front of the wooden spike protruding from Carol’s Mad Max-inspired vehicle.

Stickin' It To The Competition

After turning these Saviors into human shish-kabob, Carol takes off yet again and we’re left wondering where the fuck she’s off too now. I think it’s safe to say that she will be back to save the day again but ultimately she should have never left Alexandria in the first place since it was inevitable that Rick and his crew of morons were going to go out looking for her, regardless of her message. Sometimes I wish these people would use a little bit more common sense but hey, at least we got to watch Carol complete her transformation into total bad ass.

You’ll Be Alright

Morgan and Rick hit the road to find Carol and I was immediately reminded of how great these two are together. On the one hand, Morgan believes that people can heal and I can’t say that I blame the guy after everything he went through prior to his fateful meeting with Eastman.

One of the Saviors ends up surviving the ordeal with little old Carol and hobbles his way through a field before Rick and Morgan reach the scene of the crime. Obviously they find a whole lot of dead Saviors but they’re also able to find a trail of blood leading through the field. We also got to see Morgan take out a walker and I have to say I’m quite impressed with the fact that he’s able to hit people so hard that it causes their brains to immediately shut down. Impressive is an understatement.

Morgan knocks out a walker

Rick and Morgan continue along on their excellent adventure and make their way through a field where they eventually come across a farm. During their walk, Rick admits that they didn’t end this so-called threat and Morgan basically calls him out and says that he was the one that started it in the first place. And Morgan is completely correct because had they not decided to murder an entire base of Saviors, they might not even be in this mess at all.

Of course, we also know that Rick and Morgan are not following Carol after we watch the surviving Savior walk into the field. So where in the hell did Carol go? Your guess is as good as mine but as long as she’s out there somewhere, there is still plenty of hope that bad ass Carol will be back to save the day. Right?!

Morgan and Rick eventually come across a random dude who is supposedly just looking for his horse. So is this the same guy that survived Carol’s attack or is it someone completely different? Rick, with his shoot first and ask questions later attitude, immediately tries to kill the guy but luckily Morgan is able to prevent this from happening. Morgan actually makes a good point though when he reminds Rick of the fact that he had spared the lone wolf back at Alexandria and, if he hadn’t done that, Denise may have never been alive to save Carl. It’s all a circle, Rick! Everything gets a return and maybe you should start listening to Morgan. I have no idea why I’m Team Morgan all the way but I just love this guy because he represents hope in a world where there is no hope left.

"That's some deep shit."

Morgan decides he’s going to keep looking for Carol and tells Rick to go home so it appears that we have a second wildcard that could potentially save the day. With Carol and Morgan off on their own, at least we know there are two capable people out there and either of them could be back at any moment. This is what The Walking Dead is all about and I love the fact that our characters are finally leaving boring Alexandria. Plus, with that bat shit crazy ending we’re going to need some hope to hang on to.

Meanwhile, Glenn, Rosita and Michonne are hot on Daryl’s trail. They head back to the place where Denise was killed since Daryl is attempting to track down Dwight so he can finish what he started. Plus, we got to see this walker eating an arm which was totally gross in every way:


After almost putting an arrow through Rosita, Daryl tells his friends to fuck off so he can continue on his quest. Glenn pleads with him to return to Alexandria and even suggests that it’s going to go wrong out here, which is another obvious hint that something very bad is about to happen. Daryl completely ignores Glenn though and him and Rosita take off into the woods, leaving Michonne and Glenn on their own.

Obviously Daryl is terrible at playing hide and seek though since Dwight and his group of Saviors stumble across Glenn and Michonne instead.


Glenn and Michonne have no choice but to surrender and I have a bad feeling this is finally going to be the end of the road for Glenn. I have been predicting this all season long after the writers decided to toy with us about Glenn’s fate for most of the first half of the season and I think they only did this so we’d all think that nothing bad is ever going to happen to Glenn. There was just something strange with respect to all of the focus Glenn and Maggie received at the beginning of the episode, especially that shot of Maggie watching Glenn leave Alexandria, possibly for the last time.

Still, nothing could have prepared me for that insane ending with Daryl, one of the greatest characters on this series, coming across Glenn and Michonne in the woods. It was an obvious ambush by the Saviors who knew Daryl was on their trail and they set him up perfectly. Glenn was obviously trying to warn Daryl that this was a trap but it was too late because Dwight was able to sneak up on Daryl and Rosita and proceeded to do this:

"You'll be alright."

He better fucking be alright, Dwight! I don’t think there is any doubt that Daryl was shot here but I also don’t think it was a fatal wound. The writers like to play with our heads and I think they used a ridiculous amount of blood here to make us all believe that Daryl was shot to death but I can’t imagine that everyone’s favorite character is going to go out like that. Still, one of these people is likely not going to be getting out of the finale alive and all of my money is on Glenn being the victim. Way to go Dwight…you just broke the Internet.

Side Note: This might also be worth mentioning. Is it possible that Enid tampered with those pickles, causing Maggie to keel over at the end of the episode? We did get some hints in the first half of the season that Enid might be working for someone else and it could turn out that she’s been working for the Saviors this whole time. I’m so glad the writers didn’t just drop this completely. Why even have Enid in this scene if she wasn’t up to something? Definitely something to think about 🙂

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT
Mikey Likes It

With only the finale left, ‘East’ set things up perfectly for what should be one of the best episodes of the entire series. It’s inevitable that Negan will finally make his first appearance next week and, with Glenn, Daryl, Rosita and Michonne being held hostage, I have a very bad feeling that not all of them will be making it out alive. For those that have read the comics, we all know about the iconic scene featuring Negan and Lucille and it’s obviously going to be going down in the finale. The question remains though: who will be the person on the other side of Negan’s baseball bat?

So far, the second half of the season has been a pleasure to watch and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the Alexandrians battle it out with the Saviors, even if it’s been a total blowout up to this point. That is all about to change though. This entire story has me thinking a lot though and if Rick and his group didn’t decide to butcher all of those Saviors in cold blood, they might not be in this mess in the first place. The Saviors weren’t a threat until Rick made them a threat and Morgan was definitely right when he suggested that Rick started this whole thing.

I’m honestly still amazed how many times Glenn has been kidnapped by these guys but this time, I don’t see how he’s getting out of this situation alive. It’s time for the Saviors to make a statement and become a REAL threat because I don’t think they’re scaring anyone just yet. Sorry Denise but killing you just didn’t convince me.

So what did everyone think of ‘East’? Are you freaking out about that final scene with Dwight and Daryl? Or are you ready to hop on a horse and ride into the sunset never to return? Let us know all of your thoughts and theories in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow walkers!

And be sure to check out the promo for next week’s HUGE 90-minute finale, titled ‘Last Day on Earth’ that will likely leave us all shocked! With a title like that, someone is most definitely going to die. Winter might be coming in April but Negan is coming next week!

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